canon ts 8050 printer question

  JazzKennyWowy 11:24 15 Mar 2018

on the left hand side of the paper output tray there is a small lever that lifts the front sloping flap to a horizontal position does anybody know what this lever is supposed to be for.

  wiganken2 11:45 15 Mar 2018

What sort of a question is that? You need to tell people which printer and model you are talking about and maybe upload a picture as well.

  wee eddie 11:59 15 Mar 2018

canon ts 8050. If you Google 'Canon ts 8050' you will find the manual and all the necessary instructions.

I watched this movieand couldn't see the lever you mentioned

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 15 Mar 2018


When you've been on this site for a while you will get used to these sorts of questions and realise that people expect you to be a "mind reader".


  alanrwood 14:19 15 Mar 2018

The thread title tells you which printer so no mind reading required.

  Pine Man 15:04 15 Mar 2018

Hi JazzkennyWowy,

Welcome to this forum with your first post. Unfortunately some of our members are a bit short sighted and some a bit sarcastic but they mean well - usually.

I have a Canon TS8050 and didn't know that lever existed until you pointed it out. I have tried to find out a useful purpose for it and failed unless you count crumpling up the paper when you hold it up!

If you do find out please post back.

  wee eddie 15:24 15 Mar 2018

If in doubt. "Ne touché pas".

However, I have a theory from way back when I had a wonderful Canon Printer. However. it is just a theory.

It is adjust the Paper Tray so that you can load envelopes

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