canon starwriter 95

  palinka 12:38 01 Aug 2004

Has anyone experience of transferring files from one of these to a PC?
Friend used a canon starwriter and has lots of files saved on floppies - not the same as PC floppies, though they look the same. The word processor is defunct and she now has a PC (XP)and would like to access the Starwriter floppies.
Has anyone out there done this successfully, please?

  anchor 12:53 01 Aug 2004

I found this was not possible myself.

There was a company that did this, but their fee was I thought at the time, too high. Cannot recall their name.

  €dstowe 13:11 01 Aug 2004

I remember a friend at Uni wrote his thesis on a Starwriter thinking that the floppies would be computer readable. They weren't and he paid a typist to transcribe his doctorate papers (> 1000 pages) into (I think) Ami-Pro. Even that has more or less disappeared now with M$ Word reigning supreme.

Anyway, as an aside, that guy is now a very successful psychiatrist.

So, to answer your question, it ain't easy.


  pj123 13:42 01 Aug 2004
  palinka 14:30 01 Aug 2004

€dstowe, do you mean that there is a way of getting Ami Pro to recognise them? (though I don't think that is what you meant!)If there is, I have a friend who still has a PC with AmiPro installed which we might use - IF that's a likely solution.

  palinka 14:38 01 Aug 2004

thanks pj123
I might try contacting both those companies to see what they advise. one of them has a free trial download that might be worth a go.

  pj123 15:47 01 Aug 2004

If you would like to send me printed copies of the files you want I would retype them for you into MS Word and save them to CD and send them back to you. email me if you want to accept the offer. Don't tie me down to a deadline though.

  €dstowe 15:59 01 Aug 2004

No,palinka. What I meant was that he had the thesis printed out on a Starwriter and then got a typist to copytype in a more recognised format - at that time Ami Pro was the "in" word processor with MS Word little more than a twinkle in Bill Gates eye. This is going back to the late 1980's.

Sorry if I caused confusion.


  palinka 17:47 01 Aug 2004

thanks for that offer, pj123; but they aren't available in printed copy (as I understand it). That's the problem. Friend is a typist so would be able to do same herself if she could get a hard copy - and could then scan it into MS Word.

Just had a bright idea - what she really needs is someone (preferably local) who still has a starwriter that's functioning, then she could print>scan>etc.
Must see if I can work out a way of finding someone.

Thanks for your help, everyone.

  pj123 18:05 01 Aug 2004

Don't go away yet. I have just rung a friend who has a Starwriter but it has been in his garage for a while now. He doesn't know whether it still works or not. Would you like to send me a disk so that I can try. If it works I will let you know and you can have the Starwriter as well. Just pay the postage. email me if you want to give it go.

  palinka 19:19 01 Aug 2004

thanks very much, pj123.
I've just spoken to my friend - seems she does have hard copies of some, and she can't remember what is on the others. She can VIEW them on her starwriter, but can no longer print from it.
She'll have a look at the unprinted files and decide which, if any, it's worth you trying out.
She's very appreciative of your kind offer.

I'll be in touch in a few days when I have more information about what she needs printed.

Either way, I don't think we'll take you up on the offer of the starwriter (if functioning)- she's committed to her PC now, it's just the frustration of having some stuff that she can't get at.

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