Canon scanner's result is black or grey, no picture.

  mctrout 13:54 09 Jan 2015

I have a Canon Canoscan Lide 210 & it has just started to go wrong. When I scan anything with the colour picture button on the result is a Black image. When I use the Grayscale button on the result is a light grey image. It was working perfectly until Wednesday, which was the first time I used it after installing Spyder4PRO. Could that have caused the trouble I am having

  SparkyJack 15:19 09 Jan 2015

Seems likely that there vs a ncompat problem there. Uninstall the Spyder to see if the Canon comes back. If it does, then install Spyder and try to access the scanner from within Spdyer

Usevrevo uninstaller for this to ensure a totally clean ninstal

  mctrout 00:26 10 Jan 2015

Thanks Jack, I uninstalled Spyder but the scan results were the same, I think I will borrow my son's laptop to see if it works on that. Thanks Mac

  wee eddie 11:36 10 Jan 2015

Are you sure that you have defined the area which you want scanned?

  mctrout 15:37 10 Jan 2015

I have tried it out on my son's laptop & it works perfectly. I connected it up to my own PC& the result was as before. There is another message now that say's Release the lock switch, detach the USB cable & reconnect. Scanner will be closed. Code 2,179,14. I have used the lock switch in it's proper position since I first used it & it worked on my son's laptop an hour ago so it must be that code. I know nothing at all about them so I will plod on trying to get to the bottom of it. Thanks Eddie Mac.

  SparkyJack 16:25 10 Jan 2015

'I've tried it on my sons PC' and it works. I assume it is the scanner you tried? If so it really is a puzzle

  mctrout 16:40 10 Jan 2015

I solved the problem, but I feel a fool about the whole thing. I stupidly connected the scanner to a hub instead of directly to the PC. I was in a rush because my grandson was coming to pick me up to watch the football match he was playing in. I am sorry to have wasted all of your time. Thanks Mac

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