Canon Scanner special USB Cable?

  ArthurFowler 12:47 08 Aug 2003

I have a Canon D1250U2F scanner. Running it on a USB2 Win XP home PC. The scanner works fine with the USB cable supplied with the scanner, but it is not long enough. I bought a Belkin USB2 3metre cable, but the scanner does not work with it. I tried another USB2 cable and it won't work with that either. I notice that the manual says that only the supplied cable should be used.

I contacted Canon and here is their helpful reply:

"Please be advised that Canon will only recommend that the scanner is connected directly to the PC using the supplied cable. If your supplied cable is not long enough for you requirements, then we can?t guarantee communication, as we haven?t tested the scanner with any other longer cable.

For further information regarding the use of a longer cable with your scanner, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the cables."

The supplied cable looks just like a standard USB cable and is marked as USB (although it doesn't mention USB2). It has a transparent cover, but I can't see this making any difference!

Anyone any idea why the scanner won't work with a USB2 cable?


  Jester2K II 12:50 08 Aug 2003

Does the new cable have two cylinders on it? One at either end? These are suppossed to cancel out noise.

As Canon stated they cannot guarentee that it'll work with a long cable and that appears true.

As for why?

Is the cable plugged into the USB ports on the motherboard or a USB card or does it go via a hub??

  ArthurFowler 12:57 08 Aug 2003


I haven't got access to the cables as I'm at work right now, I'll check later.

The cable is plugged into one of the motherboard USB ports.


  -pops- 13:02 08 Aug 2003

The "U" in USB stands for Universal. Canon should not be putting special gizmos in their machines/cables that restrict use - that goes against the whole idea.

Scanners are sensitve to noise pick up and the choke described by Jester may be an answer. There is also the potential of signal loss with long cables and no repeaters.


  Jester2K II 13:03 08 Aug 2003

I would suggest the reason is that over the increased distance the signal degrades too much to be of any use.

  Jester2K II 13:05 08 Aug 2003

Canon should not be putting special gizmos in their machines/cables that restrict use - that goes against the whole idea.

Canon don't...

  -pops- 13:07 08 Aug 2003

Then cables other than Canon should work. Maybe I should have rephrased and inserted an "if" somewhere!

  expertec 13:13 08 Aug 2003

Does the scanner have a separate power adaptor, or is power supplied via USB cable?

  Djohn 13:14 08 Aug 2003

It might be down to the fact that Canon scanner needs a set amount of power to operate, and a cable longer than the one supplied will not carry the required amount. Might work from a powered hub!

  Jester2K II 13:17 08 Aug 2003

According to Canon website it comes with a Power Adapter (i'd thought of this first)

I'm assuming that ArthurFowler is using the Power Adapter, other wise the bus power won't cope!!!!

  Djohn 13:21 08 Aug 2003

Yep, sorry Jester2K II, I was just looking at my own Canon LiDE50, just the one cable. USB2. j.

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