Canon S520 has problem printing red

  Nosmas 01:07 23 Jan 2004

My two year old Canon S520 periodically prints a rather muddy looking red instead of the normal bright colour. None of the individual ink tanks are anywhere near empty. The colour is generally corrected by performing a print head clean, but it doesn't seem to last for long before another clean is required. Apart from being a nuisance and having to reprint the document after the clean, it also wastes ink each time a clean is performed.

Recently I did a 'deep' print head clean in the hope of prolonging the cleaning intervals, but today some text that should have been red was in fact a rather pale brown/grey colour.

Has anyone else experienced this problem - particularly owners of an S520 - and found a solution to the problem?

  Nosmas 13:02 23 Jan 2004


  Nosmas 18:31 23 Jan 2004

Any ideas please from anyone on the evening shift?

  Nosmas 20:07 23 Jan 2004

Bump again for the night shift!

Can someone please offer advice?

  [email protected] 20:47 23 Jan 2004

what ink carts do you use ?

  [email protected] 21:35 23 Jan 2004

Reason for asking, is that I had a canon S520 worked great when using canons own brand, not to bad either with Printright carts

But when I started to use the refill ink from Currys (pcline I think) it started to give me same problem as you have

Tried to use a flush to no avail

Problem was that the refill ink I was using was blocking the print head

You can try a flush to see how you get on or you can buy a new print head for it at DABS

I bought a new printer canon i965 and i am sticking to canon carts

Canon now up in the attic

  PA28 21:47 23 Jan 2004

I have experienced similar problems long ago with a Lexmark - when I examined the print head this had like an ink impregnated dust on it that was both affecting the colour and smearing the print. Changing to a better quality paper seemed to effect a cure.

  Nosmas 21:29 24 Jan 2004

Sorry for the delay in returning to this problem, but have been out all day.

Whitesox - thank you for your response. I have always used genuine Canon ink cartridges and have never tried 'compatibles' or refills. Can you please enlarge on what you mean by 'flush' as I can't see any reference to it in the Quick Start Guide or in Help. Do you mean literally washing the print head with water? If so I presume one will need to 'de-install' the print head and that this is a reversal of the installation procedure, or are there any snags to be aware of? I would rather try this first as a possible solution than have to spend £50 plus on a new print head

PA28 - thanks for your suggestion but I think the (90gsm) paper I use is good quality paper. I have not seen any evidence of dust in the paper.

  Simsy 06:26 25 Jan 2004

that by "flush" whitesox means a full head clean, using the software. This should be available, (assuming it's the same as my Canon s630), via the "Maintainence" tab of the printer properties...

Start>Settings>Printers then right click the printer and choose properties.

I sympathise... I've just had a similar problem and a new head has cost me £77

Good luck,



  Simsy 06:27 25 Jan 2004

I'v just re-read your initial post.... you've already done that.. sorry!



  [email protected] 21:14 26 Jan 2004

Cartridge flush is a liquid solution that is sold in (don’t like to support these but) Currys, Pc world
A product of JR ink (I think)
Before you buy my I suggest that you read the instructions first, to see if you are willing to attempt it
Best of luck

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