Canon S450 printer LPT1/USB`

  kerses 17:06 01 Sep 2003

Used to run printer parallel, but recently changed to USB. However, some programs just wont do anything but LPT1. Can I connect both cables to PC, setting each as a separate item in Printers on Control Panel?

  Simon_P 17:50 01 Sep 2003

I run a S520 which is a similar printer on USB, I have never had any problems with programs not running.

Please give specific info, i.e. OS and programs that do not run and any error messages that you receive.

If I can?t help I am sure that someone else can.
I don?t think that you can have both Parallel and USB on same printer at once.
I may be wrong about that.

  -pops- 18:14 01 Sep 2003

Do you mean theat some programs won't/can't use the printer now it's on USB?

Try deleting the printer software and re-installing the USB drivers/ink monitors/whatever else for your USB connection.

Be careful to follow the correct procedure for installing USB.

  kerses 16:45 02 Sep 2003

Thanks for responses. I am running Win 98. USB working fine except when I want to print from Mealmaster, which appears determined to want LPT1.
I was wondering if I fitted both USB and parallel cables, treating each as a separate printer, whether that would solve the problem. Or could I set up with each cable fitted in turn for setup, then normally leave USB connected, removing it and fitting parallel for Mealmaster?
Any ideas welcome!

  kerses 10:55 10 Sep 2003

uery resolved by a call to Canon support. Have installed USB and parallel as separate printers, and can select either. Thanks for help

  Jester2K II 11:12 10 Sep 2003

Is Mealmaster an old DOS progam??

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