Canon S330 USB printer not recognised !

  Paul Mac 14:04 31 May 2003

My old E-Machine 333i (P333, 32Mb RAM)does not seem to recognise my new Canon S330 USB printer.

After installing drivers, the printer worked once only (a large JPG image). I tried to print a TXT file straight after, and the following error message appeared "THERE WAS AN ERROR WRITING TO USBPRN01 (CANON S330) - THERE WAS A PROBLEM PRINTING TO THE NETWORK RESOURCE. CHECK TO MAKE SURE THE PRINTER SERVER IS WORKING PROPERLY AND TRY PRINTING AGAIN".

Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, with the same error message. The Printer is identified in CONTROL PANEL, DEVICE MANAGER under the USB Contollers and there are no exclamation marks ! Anybody any ideas ? Ta !

  Jomi 14:24 31 May 2003

Printer cable not connected properly?
Have you tried a different usb port?

  Paul Mac 14:43 31 May 2003


Thanks for the prompt response !

I have tried a different port (this PC only has two) and have been through the uninstall/reinstall malarkey.

The cable is a brand new one (although it was cheap, so dunno if quality may be an issue ?).

I'm beginning to wonder if I've done something to the USB Port power supply (have I 'blown' something by drawing too much current ?).

Thanks for your suggestion, anyway !

  Jomi 14:49 31 May 2003

I think the best way to test cables is to swap them around i.e. try your printer cable in something else (if possible).
You won't need to uninstall / reinstall to swap the usb port.

I think you'd have seen exclamation marks in the device manager if you'd blown anything.

  Paul Mac 10:42 01 Jun 2003


Believe it or not, I don't have another USB device, apart from my Nikon camera (this has a different type of USB cable to connect to the computer) - when I connect this, the camera IS recognised !

Perhaps the Printer itself is duff ? I'm going to buy a good quality cable, before I 'write-off' the Printer, though !

Again, thanks for the advice.


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