Canon Printer not found on BT Openzone network

  Flossy2110 15:38 07 Nov 2012

I recently bought a Canon Pixma MG4150 printer. I followed the intructions provided and a message was displayed on the printer to say it was connected to the BT Openzone network, which was what i wanted. However when i tried to install the printer software on my laptop, all goes well until a message is displayed saying the printer cannot be found on the network. I think this is due to the BT Openzone network being password protected. I have to enter username and password in on my laptop each time i want to go online, so im guessing i might have to do the same with the printer. I cant find anywhere to put such details in. Has anyone any ideas?

  onthelimit1 16:42 07 Nov 2012

I suspect you are connecting to the wrong signal from your hub (BT hubs produce more than one - some to be used as hotspots, I believe). When you click on the 'search for wireless networks', or whatever, what do you see?

  Flossy2110 17:15 07 Nov 2012

Im not sure how to do this. When i click on LAN network settings im asked to choose between standard setup, WPS or other setup. It was recommended i choose standard setup, as i have to put a password in, after that the screen displays searching for access point, then displays BT Openzone, BTWiFi or directly enter the access poiint by name, so i chose BT Openzone, which is the network my laptop is on. Next the screen displays 'multiple access points with the same name exist, do you want to use multiple access points?' so i chose yes, which then changes the screen to connecting to access point, then connected to the access point. This does notregister anything on the laptop. I then tried goin back and selecting to use one access point wich then displays 'check the MAC address of the target access point by referring to the access point manual'. But im really not sure what this means or what i should be checking.

  onthelimit1 17:25 07 Nov 2012

Ah, are you connecting by cable then, rather than WiFi?

  Flossy2110 17:30 07 Nov 2012

No i wanted to connect via Wifi. Is that not possible?

  Secret-Squirrel 17:43 07 Nov 2012

" I think this is due to the BT Openzone network being password protected. I have to enter username and password in on my laptop each time i want to go online...."

Flossy, BT Openzone networks are designed for users who are out 'n' about away from home with their laptops or smart phones and want a temporary Internet connection. I'm surprised that you appear to be using one on a permanent basis for your Internet connection.

You'll never get your laptop and printer working together if you choose a BT Openzone wireless network. Do you have a subscription with an ISP and your own broadband router at home? If so then what make is it?

  Flossy2110 17:57 07 Nov 2012

No, i actually live in a hotel due to work commitments. The only access is BT Openzone. So is there no way around this?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:02 07 Nov 2012

"So is there no way around this?"

You can easily get your laptop and printer working just fine, but instead of wireless, use a USB cable to connect the two together. If the Canon didn't come with one then you can pick them up cheaply from larger supermarkets such as ASDA and Tesco.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:18 07 Nov 2012

....forgot to mention above that when you get your hands on a USB cable, run the Canon printer setup utility again and you should get asked how you want to connect. Choose the USB option this time and only connect the cable when prompted.

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