Canon Printer MP460 No Magenta Ink

  badger100 11:49 09 Aug 2013

Since changing both cartridges on my printer, I seem to have no magenta ink flowing. I must admit that the printer is rarely used. I am wondering if there is a dried ink blockage somewhere. Can it be fixed, or should I buy another.

  Ian in Northampton 12:28 09 Aug 2013

The Epson and HP printers I've used came with a utility for cleaning the heads. Does your Canon not have something similar?

  badger100 16:00 09 Aug 2013

Yes it does, I have tried several cleaning cycles plus 2 deep cleans. I feel the blockage must be quite severe, googling around this seems quite a common problem.

  alanrwood 16:05 09 Aug 2013

Yes it does if it is similar to the cannon 470. Try doing a head clean a few times but leave it 10 mins or so between them to allow any dried ink to soften.

Not sure about this model but a lot of Canons have a removable printhead which can also be replaced if the jets are totally blocked.

Also have a look on eBay for Cannon MP460 printhead cleaning kits.

  john bunyan 16:39 09 Aug 2013

I had a 460, now have a MP650. I seem to remember there was a removable print head that was expensive to replace, but some people took it out and soaked it in warm water (for hours), or running water, then dried it to remove persistent blockages.

  bumpkin 17:00 09 Aug 2013

If it still does not work after trying the others suggestions try holding it in steam from a boiling kettle using a suitable tool so as not to scald yourself. worked for me once and nothing to lose if all else has failed.

  alanrwood 18:31 09 Aug 2013

Hi Bumpkin

Never heard of that one but as you say it is a no brainer when everything else has failed.

  Stoneywood 20:20 09 Aug 2013

Try this..... Fold a paper hanky. Place on a flat surface. Saturate with boiling water. Dab the cartridge print head on until you see the Magenta coming through. Good Luck. DGB

  compumac 21:09 09 Aug 2013

Try printing a full A4 page of background magenta colour to attempt to force the ink out. I had in the past used to refill ink cartridges for myself and others and found that on occasions the full page force worked. Worth a try.

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