Canon printer - cant reboot

  TN 19:26 24 Jan 2008

About 4 weeks ago I installed an additional printer to print photos - a Canon Pixma MP450. After this installation I discovered I could not reboot my computer while the printer was connected to it. I went into the BIOS and disabled the third booting option which left me with only the Hard Disk (1st Option) and CD (2nd Option). I thought that this would solve my problem but infortunately it hasn't. Has anyone else found this problem and more importantly found a solution. I have two other printers (Epson Ink Jet and a Samsung Laser) which do not cause any problems like this. I am running XP Home with 1 GB Memory and about 105 GB free space on Hard Drive. Any help appreciated.

  Technotiger 19:40 24 Jan 2008

Hmm, not the answer you are looking for, 'cos I don't know the solution, but - I have exactly the same thing happen when my Epson R265 is switched on, PC won't fully boot. I switch printer off and PC boots normally. I could not find out why this happens, though I guess a printer driver update might fix it, I just have not bothered.

I have another Epson all-in-one printer which does not affect PC boot-up.

Forewarned is forearmed, I just make sure printer is not switched on when I boot PC.

  STREETWORK 19:43 24 Jan 2008

This looks like the installtion process has corrupted a windows feature and it would be difficult to sort out here. you could try and uninstall the software and drivers for the printer and then reinstall them followed by a reboot before you plug it in. When plugged in windows will automatically load the drivers for it. Failing this a system restore may solve the problem followed by downloading new drivers from Canon website.

Of course the problem could be unrelated but more a coincidence...

  jack 19:43 24 Jan 2008

pissably too many USB devices connected???
try leaving the printer switch off during boot up or even disconnected and only plug and fire uo the one you intend to use that session

  TN 19:59 24 Jan 2008

Many thanks to all - I have tried to reinstall the printer with latest drivers. I am also switching off the printer during boot up BUT every restart of the printer primes the ink and naturally this uses a lot of ink every time it starts. In theory as there is no third boot option this should NOT happen but it does!!!

  Technotiger 20:21 24 Jan 2008

Once I turn my printer on to use it, I then leave it on until I shut-down at night, then it does not unnecessarily use ink.

  TN 22:40 24 Jan 2008

Sorry technotiger, my printer primes the ink cartridges every time it starts up!

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