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Canon Pixma Printer Cleaning Issue

  Anon-309274 13:12 04 Dec 2015

A friend has bought a Canon Pixma MG5650 printer. When it prints it constantly stops to clean the print head making the total print time very slow.

Does anyone know if it is possible to disable this cleaning regime within the settings.


  Anon-305183 10:32 07 Dec 2015

So far as I am aware (I also have a Canon) there's nothing you can do when this happens - you just have to wait. However, mine only does this once every couple of weeks - if yours is doing it more frequently, you may have a problem you need to discuss with your vendor.

  Anon-335228 11:24 07 Dec 2015

I have a HP Photosmart that did the same, but now the only way it will continue is to turn it off and on again (Runs about 30 pages before stopping). the amount of ink it wastes is unbelievable. I have now bought a Canon MG4250, which so far is working OK, and stopped using the HP printer

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