Canon Pixma printer

  iengine 09:09 02 Nov 2007

I have been using my Pixma IP4300 for some time and have been pleased with its performance, until now. I started getting lines across photos so I cleaned the colour cartridges using the programme. This showed little improvement so I used the deep clean and all were OK except the blue. I replaced the blue with a genuine cartridge and tried again. No change. Does anyone have an idea about how I can remove the lines across the blue so that my photos come up natural colour instead of generally deep orange?

  oldbeefer2 09:45 02 Nov 2007

Some of the cartridge companies sell cleaning fluid that will get rid of 'clogs' that deep cleaning from the cartridge itself won't shift. Might be worth a try.

  donki 09:52 02 Nov 2007

I to have the 4300 and think its great, best printer Ive had. Where did you buy it? Before u use anything to try and fix it urself be careful it wont affect ur warrenty. Id contact the retailer where you bought it and ask there advice. At a guess you got it in PCWorld cause they had it on offer bout 7 months ago (where i got it). Make sure you note down the name of the person u spoke to and the time it was at. If they say try the deep cleaner go for it, otherwise take it back.

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