Canon Pixma NG 6150

  morddwyd 11:22 04 May 2015

I recently had to re-install my printer and I now find that when I try to print an e-mail the only option I get is to save as a pdf. Word documents print no problem.

I have obviously checked, or unbchecked, someting I shouldn't have, but what?

Win 7 64 bit, wireless printing

  Ian in Northampton 19:50 13 May 2015

Sorry: your post didn't specifically say you'd tried printing emails from IE. So: you can print anything else - e.g. a web page - from Chrome? Had you thought of reinstalling Chrome? I'm wondering whether you've confused Chrome somehow when reinstalling your printer? If you do decide that's a possible way forward, don't forget to back up your user data folder which is where Chrome keeps your bookmarks, history and cookies.

  morddwyd 07:44 14 May 2015

I didn't actually try IE, which I never use, don't even think I've got it installed.

I can print OK from FF and Opera so it's fairly obliviously a Chrome, or a compatibility problem, though I doubt it's the latter as it's worked in the past.

  Bris 12:53 14 May 2015

I suspect that when you uninstalled your printer it was removed from Chrome and when you re-installed it Chrome didnt pick it up.

As Ian suggested I think your best bet is to re-install Chrome when it should interrogate installed devices and pick up the printer. The danger of this is that you could lose all of your settings unless you secure them first.

I have had similar problems with other software where the sequence of installing is important.

  Ian in Northampton 13:28 14 May 2015

morddwyd: if you do decide to follow through on reinstalling Chrome to try to fix the problem, if you navigate to the folder (W7) (you'll need to be 'unhiding' system files) c\users\morddwyd\appdata\local\google\chrome\user data, that's where all your Chrome settings are. Make a copy of the folder somewhere and perhaps call it user data old. When you reinstall Chrome, it will put a new user data folder there. Rename it to something like user data new, copy user data old back to the local\google folder, rename it as user data (which is what Chrome will be looking for), fire up Chrome - and everything should be intact.

  morddwyd 10:03 15 May 2015

On the grounds I'll try anything once, I did that!

No joy, still only the "Save as PDF" option available.

  bumpkin 10:38 15 May 2015

"On the grounds I'll try anything once,"

Right click Chrome and choose a previous version may be worth a try.

  bumpkin 10:53 15 May 2015

or just in case you have missed something, when you tried Ians May 12 suggestion did you click "change". I am sure you did but very easy to check again.

  Ian in Northampton 11:28 15 May 2015

... or, now that we're getting desperate - how about reinstalling your printer (again) and see if Chrome picks it up this time?

  morddwyd 08:20 16 May 2015

I've tried all these, but the fact that it is only e-mails, and only in Chrome, indicates that it is some obscure setting in Chrome which is at fault.

I don't print that many e-mails, and another browser is a workaround anyway, but it is a niggle that I'd like to get to the bottom of!

  morddwyd 11:35 16 May 2015

Cracked it! A well hidden option in Chrome.

For interest, on the Print Preview page, LH pane, Destination, change; Local Destinations, manage, select, back, show all; Select (printer already selected as default in Control Panel, of course)

Told you it was well hidden, the fact that it was almost greyed out as an aberration of my accessibility settings didn't help!

Thanks for all the help and suggestions (and patience!)


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