Canon Pixma MP 640 Paper Feed Problem

  Harper Boy 15:25 07 Aug 2011

I have had this multifunction device for a while and am pretty pleased with it, apart from the heavy consumption of coloured inks even when printing only in greyscale (I believe this is a widespread issue with Canon printers). However, I now have a problem with paper feed from the rear tray. I am sure there is a mechanical problem, for which I don't blame Canon, because I accidentally dropped a biro in there without noticing! I fished it out when the machine reported a paper jam, but the rear feed hasn't worked properly since. It has always made a bit of a clatter while taking time to decide to start; now it claims there is no paper at all, even though there is. Just occasionally, it starts to feed a sheet over a single central roller, but soon stops with the paper on the skew. Cassette feed remains OK. My problem is that I have no idea how the rear feed is supposed to look when it is working properly, so I don't fancy dismantling something I don't understand. What I would really welcome is an illustration, or at least a really precise description, of what to look for when the back is off. Any advice welcome

  northumbria61 15:34 07 Aug 2011

I don't have this printer but from what you describe it appears you may have damaged the paper feed mechanism (the biro)

I don't know if there is anything here that will help you - have a look and I will also begin a search for "images" for you link text

  northumbria61 15:53 07 Aug 2011

Plenty to go through here link text

  Harper Boy 17:36 07 Aug 2011

Thanks, Northumbria61. Yes, a lot of advice there, but sadly not enough to help me do surgery on the beast! I would like to get my hands on a service manual, but can find only ones for the MP610 or 630 - I don't know if either is mechanically similar

  northumbria61 22:25 07 Aug 2011

There's a Service manual here for download but I don't know if it will link textcontain anything to solve your problem.

  northumbria61 22:28 07 Aug 2011

You can also download a manual from (Support) link text

  northumbria61 22:31 07 Aug 2011

"but can find only ones for the MP610 or 630" In the above link you can select the MP640 from the drop down list

  Harper Boy 09:16 08 Aug 2011

Thanks - good as far as it goes, but these are just User manuals, whereas for the detail I need I should be consulting a Service Manual.

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