Canon Pixma MG3150 - loud banging noises!!

  Joe G 16:13 12 May 2017


I recently changed the cartridges in the above printer and afterwards (perhaps coincidentally) the printer began to make loud noises when preparing to print or printing - the paper now seems to jam occasionally and duplex printing is unusable - I've found a newer Canon printer that uses the same ink so last resort will be to buy one of those (as ink in new cartridges is worth around £20!) but does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be - I can't see any foreign bodies in either the printer input or output areas or in the duplex unit

  xania 16:55 12 May 2017

Sounds like either one of the cartridges is faulty or it's not seated correctly.

  MJS WARLORD 17:58 12 May 2017

Hi Joe , i got a canon pixma mp620 i have had it about 6 years , i got the same problem as you , when i turn it on to start printing it sounds like a 1970's football rattle but i just grin and bear it. it has made the weird noises for about 4 years but i just grin and bear it because the printing is perfect , google and canaon cant tell me what the problem is though.

  Joe G 23:56 13 May 2017

Thanks - just tried it again but it decided to take all the 20 odd sheets of paper through and feed them back out - I think I need to cut my losses and get another one so ordered a printer that takes same ink for £35 - that will probably only last 2 or 3 years too :-( Appreciate the responses though :-)

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