Canon Pixma i7200 printer & Cassette default

  HenryVII 11:43 17 Dec 2015

This printer selects the paper cassette according to image type. So if I want to print a .JPG file on plain A5 paper it says the printer is out of paper (I don't keep paper in the upper cassette). So far the only solution is to copy the image to a Word document and then print, but this can take a long time depending mainly on the device (PC, Mac, iPad, etc.). Does anyone know if this default cassette selection can be overridden?

  RV510 11:58 17 Dec 2015

In the printer user manual it should tell you how to manually set the paper size, type and quality, orientation and layout, you will then be able to choose which setting you wish to use as the default setting. On my Pixma I have set it to ask me what settings I wish to use before printing when I click 'print' on the file.

  HenryVII 13:14 17 Dec 2015

Thank you for your reply. Printing a "photo" image, e.g. a JPG file, to A4 is OK on the PIXMA i7250, but the paper options list does not include many sizes, including A5, nor does it have a Custom Size option. I used to have a PIXMA 4500 which was much more flexible, and I made the mistake of assuming that the 7250 would be the same but more so, as it were. Unfortunately I don't print many photos, I bought it for printing documents & printable discs.

  RV510 14:44 17 Dec 2015

Is there an option to print on one half of the paper? Or clicking on 'paper size' a dropbox opens and there is a list of paper size and types to choose from? Within the box that contains the print settings there should be a diagram sort of showing the different layouts, full size, 2 on one page or multiple print, landscape and portrait, if you choose 2 on one page it will then print the same image twice on the same piece of paper, giving you 2 x A5 images. The only other option may be to open the file you want to print in your photo programme on your PC and resize it to half the page and print from there. I think I'm right in saying that most if not all these all in one printers are set to A4 as default. What about the user manual, have you looked through it?

  RV510 14:47 17 Dec 2015

This might help, scroll down through and download the manual for your PC's operating system.

click here

  HenryVII 16:09 18 Dec 2015

Thank you. I can manipulate images to get them printed, but it's a chore. The ip4740 is designed as a photo printer, rather than a general one and the manual is heavily geared to photo printing. I should really start looking for a more suitable printer.

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