Canon PIXMA 8500 Printer Driver Problem

  Borgman 11:33 15 Apr 2005

Hi all
I have recently purchased a Canon PIXMA 8500 printer. However I am having problems installing the printer driver.
The error that comes up is as follows “AddPrinterDriver Error The parameter is incorrect”
I have been in contact with Canon who following several emails of advice are now saying it must be a fault with the computer and not their driver software.
So without listing all the things I have done to get the driver to install having shut down all programs running in the background etc using msconfig. Using an updated driver from canon website etc, the driver still fails at 60% on creating folder.
Can someone please advise me if there is a log that I can view that may show the error which will give me a clue as to what is causing it to fail? Or is there a program that I can install to do the same? I am currently running XP SP1 on a Pentium 4 1600 with a 1GB of ram.
Or has anyone had a similar problem?
Many thanks

  Yoda Knight 11:57 15 Apr 2005

Are you connecting via usb ? Did you install the drivers before plugging the printer in ? Do you have any errors showing in the device manager ?

  Borgman 12:09 15 Apr 2005

The printer does connect via the usb but have tried with it connected but switched off as per canon advice. Also tried with not connected to the usb. Also not through a hub. No errors in device manager as the install does not get far enough for it to show the printer in the printers box or far enough for the driver install to ask me to switch printer on. Yes tried to install driver B4 switching printer on.

  Yoda Knight 13:37 15 Apr 2005

"fails at 60% on creating folder" - clutching at straws :), how much hard drive space do you have available ?

  Borgman 13:42 15 Apr 2005

I have a 80gig HD SEagate I think from memory, with 20gig free

  Borgman 12:57 16 Apr 2005

So anyone with any ideas please?

  Borgman 05:12 17 Apr 2005

Come on Guys, dont be shy. Really need some help.


  Rogerfredo 09:05 17 Apr 2005

Is it possible to try out the printer on another PC? - just to make sure that the hardware is not faulty.

  Borgman 20:07 17 Apr 2005

I have two hard disks that I can change over via the caddy. One for me and one family one.
The software works on the family hard disk, but not on mine which i use for photos, graphics etc. Both disks are XP SP1, but with different programs...which is why I was hoping some one would now of a way of following the install process by way of some sort of program so i can identify the cause of failure.

  Borgman 22:52 18 Apr 2005

Please Please need help
1) Is there a log I can view which will show the install error?
2)Is there a program I can use to help me identify the error whilst the driver is being installed?

  watchful 06:58 19 Apr 2005

A shot in the dark from me but have you deleted/disabled all traces of any previous printer?

Also, in your control panel, have you tried the wizard (I know it says you don't need to if you have the software but it might have some relevant info).

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