Canon pix a MX925 error 5100

  zeppman 19:57 16 Apr 2017

I have a Canon Pixma MX925 printer which is brand new out of the box. I unboxed the printer and put compatible ink cartridges into the printer and closed up the cover and after one or two minutes I got the error 5100 I repeated this checking that the ink was loaded correctly. I have put the ink that came with the printer in but I'm still getting the error 5100 . Can anyone help to get the printer up and running. Is this being caused because I loaded compatible inks or could the cartridges be faulty or is there something I should've done to use these inks.

  wee eddie 20:11 16 Apr 2017

Are you sure that you have taken all the packaging out of the inside of the printer

  zeppman 01:27 17 Apr 2017

All protective plastic sheets and one orange piece of plastic under a flap on the right hand front corner. The ink carriage has gone into the right and every time I put the printer on it displays the error 5100

  wee eddie 03:58 17 Apr 2017

I have googled this.

As you have only just bought the Printer, get in touch with the Retailer you bought it from and get them to swap it out. NOT Canon

  zeppman 23:13 17 Apr 2017

Hi Eddie I took your advice and returned the printer to the shop and got a new one and have loaded the inks that came with it

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