Canon MVX100i camcorders DV socket not working?

  Chegs ® 03:42 25 Jun 2004

I have one of these cameras,I have been extremely happy with it until I came to transfer video from it to my PC.I have had difficulty with the supplied DV lead previously but now it steadfastly refuses to work.XP cannot find it,the Canon software cannot see it.I have changed the lead but the new lead (DV to IE1394) also fails.The plugs on the leads going into the camera are very slack,previously "wiggling" the plug in its socket got it going but no more.There are a range of options to connect the camera(USB for stills,DV,s-video and a jack plug)The USB works,the s-video will let pics thru,but no sound and the jack plug works OK on the TV(but I haven't got any scart sockets on the PC)

Its got approx 10 days left on the 12mth guarantee,but it irks me that I will have to send the camera back to get it fixed and I need it this weekend,or does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get the sound thru s-video connection?

  fazer 08:47 25 Jun 2004

The fact that you have to "wiggle" the DV lead to get a signal seems indicative that something is amiss at the camera end - take it back quickly.

Just for interest, S-video only carries the video signal. You still need to connect the audio lead to hear something.

  stlucia 09:07 25 Jun 2004

I second fazer's advice: The way things are these days it will probably cost quite a lot to have it fixed if you let the warranty run out.

Maybe you can register your claim now (within the warranty period) and tell them that you'll send them the camera after the weekend.

  Chegs ® 11:50 25 Jun 2004

fazer:Thanks for the info,I thought s-video carried all the data(its got enough pins in it)

Gonna give the guarantor a ring,see if I return to shop or elsewhere.Thanks.

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