Canon MP640 - connect wired & wireless

  leeneeloo 13:05 25 Apr 2010

Hi all

I've managed to connect the printer to my desktop PC. ethernet cable from PC to router, ethernet cable from router to printer. During the CD set up, I chose network instead of standalone. Everything is working perfectly.

However, I can't get my wifi laptop to locate the printer. I tried switching the printer to wireless lan. It found a few access points. I chose mine and entered the password to the router. All accepted, and the wifi light came on.

Now my PC doesn't want to print, and the laptop still cannot locate the printer (when I chose add network printer). I've since switched the printer back to wired lan, and the PC is happily printing to it again.

The manual is confusing me in setting up the wired or wireless options. Do I need to install the printer's CD on my laptop? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of wifi?

Desktop PC's on Windows7.
Laptop's on Windows Vista.
Router - Speedtouch THOMSON ST585v6sl

Sorry if I am not making myself clear. I'm not very advanced.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

  mgmcc 15:34 25 Apr 2010

If the printer is working with the PC using the "wired LAN" setting, then leave it on that. You should then be able to print from the Laptop in exactly the same way as from the PC, although the Laptop/Router connection is wireless whereas the PC/Router is wired.

Have you installed the same software in both computers and configured them identically?

  leeneeloo 15:55 25 Apr 2010

Hi mgmcc
I tried to install the software on my laptop. But when it got to the end, it couldn't pick up the printer from the network, so I had to abandon it.

  leeneeloo 16:44 25 Apr 2010

Hi everybody.
I've fixed it.
As mgmcc said, leave the PC with it's setting.

On my laptop, I tried to add a network printer (again). It couldn't find it, so I chose to connect using an IP address. It took awhile and went online to download the device drive. ...and voila! It's now working!

I've now switched the printer to wired lan (the wifi button doesn't come on), and the laptop can still print to it! It must be going via the wireless router!

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