Canon MP560 & Photoshop Elements - colour management advice very welcome please

  Pnebybirth 12:27 23 Jan 2013

HI I use a Canon MP560 printer and Photoshop Elements. I'm being advised that I will get better quality prints if I change the management to allow Elements to manage things rather than the printer. Going through the change within Elements, I'm presented with a list of options within "Printer Profile" - and my problem is that there are 8 options for Canon MP560, all quoting different series (eg GLs / SG2 and PR1, PR2 etc). I just wondered if anyone coyuld advise a) how do I find out what series my printer is and b) is it important anyway so could I just pick one at random??!!

Appreciate any help that anyone can give, thanks.

  hssutton 13:55 23 Jan 2013

Well I don't use elements, but in Photoshop it's File>>Print with image open. I always have it set for Photoshop to manage colour This gives me excellent colour reproduction using the Canon MG6150. Calibration of monitor via "Datacolor Spyder 2"

In Photoshop Elements, go to File > Print, or press Ctrl + p. You may need an image open to access the colour management section.

2) Look for the Color Management section.

In earlier versions of Photoshop Elements, you must select Show More Options.

3) Look for Color Handling.

4) Change it from Printer Manages Color to Photoshop Elements Manages Color.

  Pnebybirth 14:24 23 Jan 2013

Thanks for that, hssutoon. Appreciate your help. I've got that far, but when I select "Photoshop Elements manages colours", I can access another drop-down which defaults to Adobe RGB (1998) but has options including a number of "Canon MP5660 Series XXX" (where XXX equals one of PR1 , PR2, PR3, PT2, PT3 or GL2 / SG2 or GL3 / SG3. I have no idea what these all mean but assume they've something to do with the version of printer I am using (it is, in truth, a few years old!). I have no idea how to find out what "the series" means, nothing on Google that I can see and no info in any Properties data on any of the printer icons I have.

In a book I've got on Elements, it talks about downloading profiles for paper used (ie manufacturer and paper type / quality etc) and be honest, it's all a bit beyond me and for basic home printing, I;m tempted to stick with Printer management!

  hssutton 20:37 23 Jan 2013

sRGB is the standard colour gamut for computer displays and internet. RGB is for CMYK printers. However most home printers require sRGB, as do many online printers. I always process my raw images to RGB Tiffs. but for the internet I them convert them to sRGB jpgs. For my better work I usually have then professionally printed at RGB.

I guess what I'm saying to you is work in sRGB as this will suit your printer and any images you post on the web. As I said previously let Photoshop manage colours. Colour management is a real minefield and to be quite honest is beyond us mere mortals.

Not sure if this link showing my setting will work, but here goes.

Colour settings

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