Canon MG6250 printer offline when it's online ??

  Baskerville 23:58 14 Jan 2013

Hello all,

Windows Vista Home Premium.

My printer (above) is saying that it is offline when it's online, and keeps queuing jobs, I decided to take the printer off the computer (get rid of it) and re install it, now when I try to install the printer the computer cannot find it even though it is wireless and the printer is turned on ? this is with my laptop and nothing I do seems to make any difference so I decided to use my son's computer because mine has a faulty dvd drive and will not play DVD'd CD's so could not re-install the set-up cd rom to put the software on the computer.

After a long time trying to get it working wirelessly without success I decided to usb to usb and install the software like a factory re-set to start afresh, this went well and after everything seemed to be ok tried to print off a page or two but got the message 'printer is offline' again, anyone have any idea what is going wrong here as it's doing my head in, why does my computer not seem to see the printer ??

The wep key is is ok and has been put into the printer again but still no luck ??

Thanks for any help,


  SillBill 00:08 15 Jan 2013

Does it work via USB?

  Forum Editor 00:09 15 Jan 2013

"anyone have any idea what is going wrong here as it's doing my head in"

On your son's machine, check the printer's settings. I'm guessing that somewhere you'll find an option to "Use printer offline", and you may find that it is ticked.

If that's the case, remove the tick, and see what happens. It may not be the solution, but it's worth a try.

  Forum Editor 00:10 15 Jan 2013


Read the opening post.

  Baskerville 00:30 15 Jan 2013

Yes, the use the printer offline was ticked but I cleared that and removed the tick.

Still no luck ?


  Forum Editor 00:42 15 Jan 2013

Then there may be a firewall issue.

shut down the firewall on your laptop and run the setup CD for the printer. In view of the fact that you have a faulty CD drive you'll need to network the laptop with your son's machine, insert the CD, and then run the setup on your laptop from that machine via the network.

Once the installation is complete, keep the firewall off and try the printer, not forgetting to turn off that 'use printer offline' setting. If everything works OK try it with the firewall turned on.

We're exploring options here, and it may take a while to pin down the problem.

  rdave13 00:55 15 Jan 2013

I don't think you uninstalled the printer correctly. With your laptop running Vista click on 'run' then type services.msc . In the Service console/page that opens, scroll down to Print Spooler key, double click, under the general tab select to manual and stop it using the stop button.

Wait a few seconds then start and now set back to auto. That will clear the printing backlog.

Run latest Ccleaner's registry cleaner, create a backup if wished, then reboot.

Now try installing the printer, as you would, for the first time. Connecting the USB at the right time used to be important and might still be so in your instance.

  Baskerville 17:41 15 Jan 2013


Would that be the regedit in CCleaner ? thanks,


  Baskerville 22:36 16 Jan 2013

Does anyone know if this means regedit in CCleaner ??

  rdave13 23:24 16 Jan 2013

It's a registry cleaner in Ccleaner. It cleans up redundant keys so when you uninstall a program, the registry cleaner will remove any leftovers. It's the safest registry cleaner you can use in my opinion. It will ask you to make a backup if you want to. Once you've run the registry cleaner and cleared the print queue. Reboot and now try a fresh install as per your printer's manual.

  Baskerville 17:56 28 Jan 2013

Done what I was instructed to do, damn thing not responding, wish I had bought a cheapo printer now, besides that the store I bought it from has gone bust.

Anyone help sort this problem out ??

Thanks to all that reply,


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