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Canon MG5550 paper loading problem

  tonyq 16:47 09 Feb 2015

Hi all, my son bought a Canon MG5550 all in one printer a couple of months ago, and is having problems loading paper. I think it has been a problem since he first bought it but not sure. The problem is that when you load say 20/30 sheets of paper making sure that the paper is pushed in to the back and the guides up to the sides, a message comes up please load paper correctly or words to the effect, and this needs to be done 3/4 times before it will start printing which is a bind. We could take it back to the supplier, just want to make sure that we have not missed anything simple that will rectify the problem.

  tonyq 08:29 25 Feb 2015

Ian 54321, thank you for the Info,you should not have to keep doing all that to load paper. I too reinstalled software ect and the paper seemed to be loading o.k that was about 2 weeks ago. It so happens that I sow my son yesterday and asked if the printer was now ok "No not really" was the reply. He said that it may be loading better but not correct, if the paper did load some times it was dragging 2 sheets at once. So I would say it still not working correctly. We are going to take the printer back (PC World) at the first opportunity. Thanks again.

  tonyq 08:40 25 Feb 2015

Ian 54321

Forgot to say that I have a Canon 7250 printer which as similar paper loading tray which I can fully remove to load the paper, and have had no trouble what so ever.

  tonyq 10:14 16 Mar 2015


have taken the printer back to PC World who have sent it for repair,and said it would be returned in about 2 weeks time,(here's hoping). For some reason I don't feel to optimistic of them curing the problem!

  tonyq 16:33 07 Apr 2015

Final update(I hope) My son got the printer back from repair,they replaced the pick up rollers!. It now seems to be working O.K.

  DavidCamm 17:29 22 Jul 2015

Hi Folks, this is an asy fix, get a sponge, I used the sponge off a dish scourer, you only need half of that, cut it off the scourer part.

Now find the paper feeder roller that takes the paper from the tray. (its under the printer behind a panel that has the paper in. You will notice the feeder roller attached to a plastic panel that moves up and down to grip the paper, this roller has a small spring on the side. I noticed there is hardly any force pressing the roller to the paper, hence the problem.

Put the sponge behind the piece of plastic away from the rollers taking care not to put it behind the actual rollers. This increases pressure on the roller so it takes the paper every time. just done 150 double sided sheets with no problems. Make sure the plastic holding the roller still moves up and down freely, the sponge should not be so tight as it prevents free movement.My MG550 had this issue from new as well but this spong has fixed it. Its very simple to do.

  deegeeaoe 21:02 29 Jul 2015

Hi David,

Could you possibly post or email me a picture of your sponge setup as I have the same problem but can't quite figure out where to put it?

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