Canon Lide 80 query

  Tripper 17:03 04 Feb 2004

Hi all you Canon scanner experts, I've been reading search results for scanner probs, but have not found answer yet, however all the info flying about gives me hope!

Just bought my lide 80 and gone through the installation procedure as instructed (i.e. no scanner connected, run installation CD, reboot, connect scanner.) One intersting thing have never seen "new hardware detected" window for this scanner. Have seen the symbols come & go in taskbar, but no pop-ups.

What happens is: - the scanner shows in Device manager with all OK, it shows in control panel and when the properties window shows and "test scanner...etc" button is pressed everything proceeds and concludes as OK. However the scanner is not seen by "CanoScan toolbox" and when, say, the scan-1 button is pressed an error message appears "Unable to open twain source. check connection & restart toolbox" Also not seen by Photo & OCR software.

I have done the remove and reinstall bit. I have done the update drivers bit, although the info on the Canon site is a little off as you cannot point to the "inf" file on your CD as the drivers are in a self extracting zip file and you need to manually extract them to your HD so they can be seen.

So as far as windows is concerned the scanner is fine however programs that want to use cannot see it.

OS is win xp pro with sp1. Connection direct to usb port on back of case/motherboard (not pci)

Any thoughts? I'm really keen to see the results of this super looking piece of kit.


  Big Elf 18:11 04 Feb 2004

Have you tried downloading and installing the latest CanoScan Toolbox Maybe that would 'force' the software to look for and recognise the scanner?

  bruno 19:01 04 Feb 2004

I had the same error message on my Canon scanner this afternoon.It is an earlier model than yours, but the problem was my usb connection had come out of its socket slightly.I am not saying this the fault on yours,only trying to make the point that you can have everything installed properly, but if you have a breakdown in the signal, as it were ,you will get that message.The earlier scanners had a note in the installation book about making sure you were connected directly to the PC usb output ,as opposed to a hub,but you have already done that.They are sensitive to the voltage,apparently.

  Djohn 19:53 04 Feb 2004

Tripper, I noticed in your post that you are doing a re-boot after installing the software. Miss that bit out and connect the scanner immediately after the software install.

The "Found new hardware bubble" should now come up on screen. Ignore that as well and it will disappear by itself. The scanner should now be recognised OK. I'm using the LiDE 50 and it is an excellent scanner, very fast and quiet. j.

  Como2 21:57 04 Feb 2004

I bought this scanner some weeks ago and agree with Djohn that you don`t need to reboot

  wildrover 22:14 04 Feb 2004

Is this what you mean by reboot? From the lide 80 guide -"6 when the installation is complete, click [Yes]. The computer will restart". Also,, at point 5 "in a few cases, your operating system may require a restart [during the installation procedure]" Or are you rebooting manaually?
When I installed the software, the computer restarted twice.
I am sure there was a thread about this a few weeks ago.

  Tripper 22:51 04 Feb 2004

Well chaps, you've been really trying hard for me. I have been reading your posts as they came along and trying various things. I'll just answer your questions and then let you know where I'm at.

Regarding the reboot, when the installer has finished all the selected installs it says "to use this hardware your system needs to restart". Here i click "yes" (the only option) and away we go.

I have tried endless permutations of uninstalling/installing and still the same thing. But something I have tried has narrowed the problem area. I installed the scanner on my wife's PC and guess what? Everything went like a dream. Scanner recognised by "toolbox" straight away!

Now the only thing I can think is that somewhere I have a TWAIN driver conflict. I have installed several items that have TWAIN drivers that are definately not on my wife's PC. I have always thought that these things handled themselves, but ......?

I'm out of my depth here. LOL


  Djohn 23:01 04 Feb 2004

Tripper, that rings a bell somewhere! Couple of years back I had a "Black widow" scanner [First one] and after a while I upgraded to a different model, [Same make] and had similar problems.

I contacted the firm [Devcom] and they said that it was a driver conflict and I would need to remove all "Twain" and "Twunk" files before the new one would install correctly.

They emailed me very detailed instructions on how to do this, the new scanner then installed and worked fine. Unfortunately I can't remember just what was involved, but maybe someone else can help with this. It might just be what you need to do. j.

  David-270861 01:24 05 Feb 2004

have just bought lide80 & have similar problem in that scanner was only intermittently recognised by device manager in windows & also in application software - traced it down to usb hub built into my monitor iiyama pro 454 - scanner not connected via hub - disconnecting hub from computer caused it all to burst into life & scanner works perfectly. However trying to use either monitor hub or a belkin hub causes scanner to go berserk which is a pain - it is perfectly happy with both zip drive & printer also connected via usb haven't found a real solution to this other than plugging & unplugging all the time - everything plugged into the hub works fine whether or not the scanner is there

  Tripper 08:33 05 Feb 2004

Thanks Djohn, I think we are in the right area. I've had a reply back from Canon support asking more questions so maybe they will know how this is done. I'll ask when I send reply.


  DIYgirl 10:13 05 Feb 2004

I had a similar problem with my Canon scanner (lide 50). I started using it when I had to test several scanners for a review I was using. Having installed and uninstalled several drivers the Canon would not work. Their technical support team sorted it all out for me in one three minute conversation, it is a problem that they see a lot of, apparently.

They did stress that a lot of these sorts of errors are caused by the USB cable not being connected properly, though: so I would check the cable again, and call Canon's Tech Support.

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