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Canon LiDE 220 Scanner - splits document when scan

  AroundAgain 20:10 11 Jun 2019

Running Windows 10 v1809

I'm scanning lots of forms, as jpg, but sometimes the resultant file has a portion of the document in several files (jpg) rather than an image of the whole page.

This issue seems to happen more often on forms that have been folded up to put in envelope. I'm certainly not going to 'iron' all the forms before scanning, eh!!! ;)

I think this ability might be something to do with 'multi-scanning photos' or something but I don't want this feature just now but don't know how to stop it happening.

Can anyone help me sort this issue out, please? I'd be very grateful (as always) :)

I appreciate it would be more 'normal' to scan as pdf but I need to email these files securely, ie with password to protect, so I 'click & drag' the jpg file into Word document, which I can then password protect.

Thanks for any help / advice

  lotvic 21:59 11 Jun 2019

You will need to adjust the Settings webmanual/ScanUtility/ click here

or use the item 'ScanGear' from the Canon Scan Utility menu and adjust the margins of the area you want to scan.

  AroundAgain 10:04 12 Jun 2019

Thanks guys

I was hoping there was somewhere I could switch this multi-scanning feature off but presumably not :(

I'm taking another look at the page linked by lotvic, in case I can see something I've previously missed but I'm not sure what I'm looking for ;) I haven't seen anything that I feel would change anything for this. Thanks anyway, lotvic

Yes, I've been using some white card, Keith, but I've got so many forms to scan that it's such a nuisance having to put in this extra 'layer'. I agree it certainly makes a difference.

I don't understand why it will scan perfectly OK one time, then in 3 files the next!

It is looking like I'll just have to put up with this, re-scanning when it splits the image :(

Again thanks. I appreciate your help

  AroundAgain 11:54 12 Jun 2019

Hi again guys

I hope I'm not tempting providence but, after a bit more searching and thinking I might just phone Canon, I found a driver update from 2018 which I'm sure I haven't downloaded before.

So, with this 2018 driver now installed, the LiDE 220 seems to be working brilliantly, with (so far) no sign of the above issue :)

... so why didn't I think to look for driver updates first??? Doh ;) LOL

However, without your input, I probably wouldn't have thought about drivers. Had I phoned Canon, they would probably suggest updating drivers before doing anything else, eh?

All's well that ends well ;) LOL

  AroundAgain 13:27 12 Jun 2019

"before ringing canon you need to have a toilet break and get a book to read whilst trying to get through"

Yes, always a good step to take before picking up the phone. Fortunately, with cordless phones and on speaker phone, it's possible to do other things while waiting ;)

However, there seems no requirement to be contacting Canon now so I'll not have to worry about getting through on the phone ;)

I just feel a bit stupid not thinking of checking for any driver updates before posting ... Will I never learn ... ??? ;)


  AroundAgain 16:45 04 Nov 2019

Hi Mr Grumpy

Umm, I don't know where your post went but it certainly was, and still is, a good idea. Occassionally, I use a piece of white card to help scanning but whatever I did )I think it was updating the drivers, worked well as I've not had the problem since my post back in July :)

Thanks for reporting the spam. I appreciate it. If I'm not sure about a poster, I usually float the cursor over the link and look in the bottom left hand corner of my browser (Firefox) which displays the url that's linked ;) Can't be too careful, eh?

Hope you're having a decent start to the week. Keep your chin up and take care ;)

  AroundAgain 13:53 06 Nov 2019

This issue has been SOLVED some time ago. I'm now going to unsubscribe to this thread as I do NOT require further assistance Thanks to those that have previously helped

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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