Canon IXUS i camera

  tonyx1302 10:51 22 Aug 2004

I have the above camera which I have been very pleased with. I have a birthday coming up shortly and was thinking of putting the Canon Photo printer on my wish list for from family. It is a dedicated printer and doesn't need to go through a pc.

Has anyone got or used one, if so I would be grateful for their opinions and advice

Thank you


  tonyx1302 10:54 22 Aug 2004

Sorry, forgot the model number... Canon CP200.

I have checked the Consumer Watch forum, but nothing listed.


  john-232317 14:00 22 Aug 2004

Have not got one, but it is a bit limited on size of photos, 4 * 6, 2 * 3 inches, why not get an HP or similar and run it through the PC, for more selection ?

  jack 14:10 22 Aug 2004

The printer you mentioned is a 'Dye Sub' model and as such is limited to size 6x4 special material packs and comparitively expensive to run.
There are plenty of INKJETS with card slots and USB sockets that run without computer between. and have the added advantage of computer intervention when required.
In any direct print situation means 'you get what you took' headless grannies and shots of backs of heads and all that no chance to edit or correct, salvable shots.

  tonyx1302 21:22 22 Aug 2004

I think your comments are spot on. I didn't think about how restrictive it was and running costs.I will carry on running them through my pc and I will scrub it of my wish list.

Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your replies but we had unexpected guests who just wouldn't go !


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