Canon IXUS i camera

  tonyx1302 10:51 22 Aug 2004

I have the above camera which I have been very pleased with. I have a birthday coming up shortly and was thinking of putting the Canon Photo printer on my wish list for from family. It is a dedicated printer and doesn't need to go through a pc.

Has anyone got or used one, if so I would be grateful for their opinions and advice

Thank you


  tonyx1302 10:54 22 Aug 2004

Sorry, forgot the model number... Canon CP200.

I have checked the Consumer Watch forum, but nothing listed.


  tonyx1302 21:22 22 Aug 2004

I think your comments are spot on. I didn't think about how restrictive it was and running costs.I will carry on running them through my pc and I will scrub it of my wish list.

Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your replies but we had unexpected guests who just wouldn't go !


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