Canon IP4500 won't print

  how7how 12:06 20 Mar 2013

My IP 4500 won't print from any computer, it prints the test pages and nozzle checks absolutely fine but when I send a job from a computer ( mac or PC laptop or Desk top) it won't print. It goes through the motions like spooling and it feeds the paper through, the print head moves back and forward but no print!! I've trawled the net but no one seems to have this problem. Occasionally it may print the first page of a document and then the rest of the pages are clear! any ideas?

  Bris 19:30 20 Mar 2013

Not familiar with your printer but found this on the web...

When you do the Canon Print Head Test & you get all of the solid colors & solid (black & lite black) bars, that is CLI 8 Black that you are getting, NOT the PGI Black. If the PGI Black was working, you would get a little graph of horizontal & vertical lines showing at the very top, the very first line of print from the test. PGI Black prints all black text. CLI 8 Black prints photos.

Its most likely a lack of ink, or a blocked print head. If you ran out of ink and left it for a couple of days, what was left in the printhead could have dried and blocked the head.

If what you are trying to print is set to use the black cartridge only and its blocked you will get this effect. If you have the option, try getting it to print without using the black cartridge in which case it should produce black by mixing inks from the colour cartridges but as mentioned I am not familiar with your printer, so dont know.

Sorry but cant help further.

  bumpkin 23:00 20 Mar 2013

Have you tried a deep clean of the heads if you have that option. Try 3 or 4 goes.

  HenryF75 12:40 21 Mar 2013

Might be a faulty connection . Give the cable a good shake in the sockets.

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