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Canon ip3300 printer with Windows 8.1

  tonyq 13:25 23 Nov 2014

Hi all,

do any of you have the Canon ip3300 printer(now about 4/5 years old)running on Windows 8.1? Been looking for drivers on the Canon site and it looks as though the printer is not compatible with Win 8.1. Just wondering if I have read it correctly,if so is there a work around?

  SparkyJack 13:24 25 Nov 2014

What have you tried?

Try this, connect printer, load a file, then press CTRL/P

This is a test of response.

  tonyq 16:50 25 Nov 2014

The printer is at my sons,so I was hoping to download them to a memory stick and install at his house. I have been on the 2 sites mentioned above thinking that they are not the main drivers for the printer,I presume I have been thinking wrong then?

  tonyq 17:02 25 Nov 2014

forgot to mention,I downloaded a PDF file from a Canon site(I think) which says Windws 8.1 & Canon pixma 1p3300 are not supported.

Here is a section from the PDF file. click here

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