Canon ip3000 suddenly won't print pictures

  ened 08:53 31 Aug 2013

I am halfway through printing a batch of pictures using this printer and Win7 64. Last night I printed some and went to bed. Turn on machine this morning and it doesn't print. Checked Diagnostics and it repaired a 'Spool' error. It still doesn't print and diagnostics 'cannot find a problem'!

Curiously although it will not print from Explorer, Photoshop or Picasa, it will print Word Documents.

I have been using this printer with Win 7 for some time without problems.

I have tried a System Restore and changed the USB slot. I have removed the printer from Device Manager and let it re-install.

This is an old printer and I am going to buy a new one but I would like to finish this batch today if possible.

  Ian in Northampton 09:55 31 Aug 2013

Is it possible that somehow the default printer for Explorer, Photoshop and Picasa has got corrupted/inadvertently changed? You may want to check which printer is set as the default for those programs. I've had problems in the past where a printer is set as the default printer, but not all programs - e.g. Chrome - see it and keep trying to use a printer that was previously installed.

  ened 10:19 31 Aug 2013

I've checked and I also have a Brother (not very good for photographs)which was my default printer. Although Picasa always defers to the Canon; presumably from memory of previous use. Since this started this morning I have changed the Default printer to the i3000.

This has made no difference. It uses a generic driver so I cannot update that either!

  ened 11:38 31 Aug 2013

I have made some progress, but I don't know if it is relevant? I always use the preview feature so that I have to click on the print button from the preview screen. So far today prior to the preview screen when I have clicked 'Print' on whichever programme I am using the (blank) preview screen has appeared for a milli-second and then disappeared. It has then reappeared a few minutes later but showing no preview.

It is for this reason that I thought it was printing Word documents. This was incorrect because I have just tried printing using Irfanview and I managed to reach the Canon Preview. However as soon as I clicked "Print" it all disappeared and there was no action.

In addition viewing the Devices & Printers the Canon ip3000 is showing as live before I attempt to print but after the attempt it is merely showing up in 'unspecified' labelled 'Category Unknown'.

  Woolwell 12:31 31 Aug 2013

Have you rebooted your computer and switched your printer off and on?

  ened 12:59 31 Aug 2013

I have done restarts and cold boots. I have not only turned the printer on & off I have changed the usb port and even the cable!

When I turn the printer on it settles itself then I get the 'New device connection' sound and all appears to be good.

As soon as I try to print anything I get the above mentioned routine. If I then try to ask the machine to print anything else I immediately get a warning that no printers are connected.

I often tell my aged parent that he needs to remember what happened immediately before an incident like this. But I did nothing. It was printing alright yesterday afternoon and this morning: this situation.

Very Frustrating.

I am going to put some ink in the Brother and see if I can get that to work because I have a funny feeling that all devices connected to printing are going to fail.

  ened 15:33 31 Aug 2013

There's nothing wrong with the printer. I've just plugged it into another machine and it has printed perfectly.

I have done a (several) System Restore. What else can I do to purge this machine?

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