canon iP 8500 printer won't print.

  denboe 22:30 31 Oct 2011

I've a Canon iP 8500 printer which has worked perfectly for two years. When I now want to print anything, a message appears saying, 'Operator Error' and will not print. I've tried 'Uninstall' and Reinstall, no improvement. I feel the problem lies with the printer itself. When I switch it on, it boots so far then stops the full 'switch-on' process. The green 'On' light comes on, followed by the amber light flashing five times, then back to green. This carries on indefinitely. Any advice would be appreciated.

  beeuuem 23:58 31 Oct 2011

According to the manual Five flashes: Print Head not installed / Print Head not installed correctly / Print Head is defective

Install the Print Head. If the Print Head is already installed, remove the Print Head and check the electrical contacts for foreign matter, then reinstall.

After reinstalling the Print Head, you may need to realign it.

If this error still remains, the Print Head may be damaged. Contact a Canon service representative.

  HondaMan 10:21 01 Nov 2011

Anything further on this? I have the same printer and, as they say, "Forewarned is forearmed"

  denboe 15:34 01 Nov 2011

Thanks for your prompt response beeuuem.Did as you advised but the problem remains. Will do as you suggested and contact a Canon service rep. I will say, this printer has given faultless service, printing out top-quality photos, for two years plus. Hopefully it can be put back in working order without prohibitive costs.

  ICF 16:20 01 Nov 2011

If it is the print head they are £100 plus to buy on ebay so is it worth repairing.When you consider the cost of a new printer.

  beeuuem 17:27 01 Nov 2011

It may be worth seeing if you can appeal to the 'better nature' of Canon. On the, admittedly, few occasions when I've had a problem in the past I have found them helpful by taking the line that you are a faithful customer ( true in my case)and are disappointed by the lack of durability i.e. you'd expect a print-head to last more than two years. Their numbers are 0870 5143723 or 0844369 0100 or 020 87314100 , if you are on a phone package the geographical number may be the cheaper option. Good luck.

  denboe 15:42 08 Nov 2011

Thank you all for your advice, very much appreciated. The advice from Canon was to contact one of their service agents. I contacted crc-tasktron on The response was very quick and advised that green, followed by five flashing amber lights indicated a print head problem. I purchased a new one from this Company (on special offer) and what a relief when the printer booted up as it should do. After realigning the print head, printed out some photos, excellent quality once more. I can thoroughly recommend crc-tasktron for the first-class advice and service provided.

  ICF 16:04 08 Nov 2011

crc-tasktron is the same place I got my Cannon print head from.Excellent company to deal with.

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