Canon inkjet printer - blocked head?

  steved 20:18 17 Aug 2004

I've got a Canon S830D photo printer, which is just over a year old. Unfortunately one of the five colours has stopped printing (either because I've switched to cheaper non-canon cartridges, or because a layer of dust unexpectedly covered the printer from nearby building works). I've run the head cleaning function several times; sometimes the nozzle check print shows some colour from the cartridge, and sometimes none at all. A new cartridge made no difference.

Any ideas anybody?

  trevpearson 20:35 17 Aug 2004

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Maybe some help. Windex is American for Windolene (the green spray stuff, not the purple gloop), however, I wouldn't use any chemical near a printhead except distilled water.

Oh, and remember your ESD protection whilst handling printheads, one burst of static electricity and they are dead.


  steved 23:14 17 Aug 2004

Thanks Trev - I'll give that a go!!


  THE TERMINATOR 00:45 18 Aug 2004

Have you tried using the proper cartridges, to see if this is your problem, as you suspect....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 00:51 18 Aug 2004

I've got a Cannon 450i printer, and use compatable cartridges from Morrisons at a cost of £2.99 for black, and £3.49 for colour. They work a treat, and at £99.00 I consider my printer a bargain....TT

  Cook2 01:29 18 Aug 2004

If in the end you need a new print head here's the number to ring. 0121 780 6000.

  Cook2 01:29 18 Aug 2004

If in the end you need a new print head here's the number to ring. 0121 780 6000.

  badgery 07:38 18 Aug 2004

I had an i550 which did just the same and I got a replacement head under warranty (11 months 21days old!) - but for interest I placed the old head in a shallow bath- 1cm deep- of lukewarm water, left a few moments, lifted out, dried with kitchen roll, repeated process.
Finally left to dry completely and refitted.
Like new!! So new head being kept as spare.

  david4637 14:48 18 Aug 2004

Take out the cart that does not work, gently squeeze the sides of the cart until an ink blob is on the outlet sponge. Wipe off excess and replace. Good Luck David

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