Canon i950 - best photo paper to use ??

  RickyM 13:13 24 Jul 2003

I have a Canon i950 printer which I use for printing high gloss photos.

I use Canon high gloss paper which produces very good results.

Has anyone else tried other makes of paper on this printer and had better results ??.

Interested to hear your views. Thanks.

  pj123 13:52 24 Jul 2003

I don't have a Canon printer, but I get all my papers from click here all my results are as good as original photographs.

  -pops- 14:17 24 Jul 2003

It used to be that you could get selection boxes of several different brands/grades of paper for a nominal sum. Worthwhile if they are still available. I think Jessops did them and also Dixons (?!?!?!?!) - shops, don't know about online.

It is said though that best results are from the paper designed for the printer and I have to state that in the case of my Epson, it is substantially true.


  Filch 20:06 24 Jul 2003

Don't know 'bout Canon, but the HPs I've used give the best results with Ilford papers, especially Ilford Classic Pearl. One nice thing about Classic Pearl, it can be printed on the back, this way rejects can be used for test prints. Another is that it is great for B/w prints, no colour cast of its own.

  Bebee 21:40 24 Jul 2003

I have the same printer and Canon paper does give excellent results. I have a selection of papers that do also give excellent results. I recently got a new Fuji paper from click here (very good prices) and this also gives superb prints - and dries almost instantly. I have also used Ilford and Xerox and have been pleased with them. I try to pick up good quality paper on offer in places like Staples when I can.

The Canon claim of 20 years without fade with their inks is hard to verify, but I tend to use it for prints I want to keep or display.

The general rule seems to be that expensive paper gives better reults. I do sample prints because there are slight variations in colour with the different papers.

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