Canon i850 printer

  carver 22:44 31 Aug 2005

I just hope that someone can help with a problem I've got with this canon printer.Over the last few weeks every photo that I've printed has had a greenish tinge,that is getting worse.

I can make the photo greener but no matter what I do I can't get rid of the green tinge.

I've put fresh cartridges in,run the nozzle cleaner,reset all the print heads,reinstalled the drivers and now unless I print on high quality I've started to get banding on the photos.

Any suggestions will be welcome as I've run out of ideas to try to get this printer working again.

  kspatto 23:18 31 Aug 2005

try these links

click here

click here

best of luck

  tes 07:28 01 Sep 2005

This worked for me. I put a folded paper towel in the bottom of a container covered it with about a 1/4 inch of distilled water & warmed it in the microwave.I then stood the print head in it for about 5 mins & then let it drain on a clean piece of paper towel.

  carver 09:08 01 Sep 2005

Thanks for the links, I've run the test print for the four colours and discovered that the Magenta runs out of ink after about a 1/3 of the test and the black starts to run out at the end of the test.
Is this a result of a partialy blocked jet or a fault with the printer,if anybody knows the answer, or any answer, it will save what remains of my hair.

  kspatto 09:26 01 Sep 2005

the most common fault is a blocked print head you would do well to try taking it out and cleaning it


  wee eddie 16:38 01 Sep 2005

Whose inks are you using?

  yaesu 17:40 01 Sep 2005

Mine did this, I just soaked the head in tepid water, agitated several times, repeated 3 times (1st 2 didn't completely clear problem). left it above radiator until dry. No more problems, yet!
Good luck.

  carver 14:41 02 Sep 2005

Thanks for all the advice, I think that I might have been a bit aggressive on the cleaning but it appears to have worked. Ordinary cleaning didn't work so in desperation I've blown compressed air through all the jets then when that didn't work I sprayed the jets with Isopropl Alcohol. I now have one printer thats back to printing perfect pictures.

One other thing,if anyone ever thinks about buying a replacement print head forget about it, a replacement head from Canon is £70 which is the same price as a new printer.

  vinnyT 15:09 06 Oct 2005


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