Canon i550 printer problem

  [DELETED] 18:50 04 Dec 2003

My Canon printer has ceased it's yellow ink supply! I've tried a brand new cartridge, done a 'deep clean' but still get no yellow on the Nozzle Check Pattern. I'm careful to remove the 'air hole' tape.
All other colours are fine. Printer is about a year old, Using XP.
Any ideas? Thanks.

  [DELETED] 19:28 25 Jan 2004

I got a Canon i550 last April and it wouldn't print photo's, only text.

Then my PC broke down a few weeks later.

At Christmas we got another PC and the printer wont print anything. Just keep getting the message about the paper thickness. I adjust this but still nothing.

Any ideas?

  [DELETED] 07:38 26 Jan 2004

Sorry, Julie 13, cannot help. Never come across this type of occurrence.
My problem was simply a blocked nozzle which I cleared by a careful 'soaking' process using a small quantity of meths! No trouble since, printer has been excellent. Best of luck.

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