Canon i 550 stops printing in colour

  moochy 21:13 07 Sep 2005

After a recent power cut in a thunderstorm my printer stopped printing in colour. The computer was on standby and the printer had power on when the power cut occured.
I have gone through the maintenance proceedures of cleaning printheads etc, and re-installed the drivers, but to no avail
Ichecked the ink tanks, they're OK BUT Black ink was present where the tanks fit to the printheads. I cleaned the black ink from each tank and also cleaned where they make contact with the printheads. Still no printing.
Help and advice needed Please.


  mattyc_92 21:18 07 Sep 2005

When you try to print colour, does the printer respond? or "ignores" the command?

  mattyc_92 21:23 07 Sep 2005

VIA e-mail:

The printer responds, it prints slowly, and in black and white Moochy

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Have you tried replacing the Colour ink cartridge?

  mattyc_92 21:32 07 Sep 2005

VIA e-mail:

The ink tanks are almost full,but I will try replacements. Moochy

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Please post in this thread, so others can know what is happening....

Ok.... Let me know how you get on with the replacements...

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