canon have asked me to create a new user account

  palinka 15:28 17 Oct 2012

Canon Support have asked me to create a new user account on my computer and install the scanner software there, in a bid to track down the reason for the problem I'm having with my canon scanner. (see my thread "canon scanner stopped working" for details)

How do I do what they suggest? I'm using Vista home premium(32). I'd be grateful for step by step description please - I don't think it will cure the problem and I don't want to create another, different problem.

  onthelimit1 15:35 17 Oct 2012

Setting up a new account is done through Start, Control Panel then User Accounts (that's on W7 - i think Vista is the same). You can then switch from one to the other via the Shut Down options.n However, you will still see the existing Canon software in the All Programs of the new account, so I'm not quite sure how it's going to help.

  palinka 16:44 17 Oct 2012

thanks very much, onthelimit1 . I'll give it a go - when I have time which may not be for a few days yet.

  lotvic 17:34 17 Oct 2012

Have you had another problem with it? You said it was all fixed on your other thread

  palinka 18:37 18 Oct 2012

Hi there Lotvic. It was and it wasn't. (It was OK but only until I switched off, after which same problem returned)
Meanwhile a friend passed his surplus HP scanner to me but it won't run on Vista and HP are not providing updated software.
So I've now come back to the problem and after trying yet more uninstals ans re-instals I decided to contact Canon.
I don't believe that Canon's suggestion will solve things but I'll give it go. Failing this it begins to look as if the only solution left is to buy a new scanner. Very annoying as this one is only just over 3 years old.

I'm following onthelimit1's instructions, but rather busy at the moment,so it may not get done for a day or two.

  palinka 11:50 19 Oct 2012

I did as asked to do by Canon, with help form onthelimit1, and it had no effect on the problem. I've written to Canon to tell them. Meanwhile I still have no scanner.

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