Canon Experts - Canon s630 Ink Jet Printer

  David4637 15:26 07 Jan 2006

I had poor colour printing and cleaned the Print Head with hot distilled water (and a dash of vodka as recommended on many sites) and soaked it over night. This improved the printing to virtually 100%.

However running the Nozzle check, which prints out a set matrix boxes, the Blue and “Red” matrix have a few of the box sides are missing, making the box incomplete – not many though.

1. Is there a more drastic method of cleaning the print head to unblock it?

2. Is it possible it to use a syringe to open up the small number of blocked ink jet holes, they are very small holes?

Thanks David

  jack 15:39 07 Jan 2006

A Canon -like Lexmark and HP are properly known as Bubblejets.
That is because the print head consists ofmany,many fine tubes[finer than a human fair] in each of which there is a heater[would you believe]
On the command from the PC the approriate heater heats up to produce a spot of steam which edjects the ink.
Evewntually the odd heater fails, and then progressivly gets worse.
The only remedy is head replacement.

  David4637 14:11 08 Jan 2006

Thanks for your reply Jack.

Can anyone suggest a remedy to clear these fine tubes that I think are probably blocked, as the printer has been little used, but still prints reasonably well. Thanks David

  jack 14:22 08 Jan 2006

As explained you cannot actually acess the jets - unless that is you access to a lab.
You did the correct thing with the cleaning with alcohol/water mix.
The next step is to stand the item heads down in a dish with a pad[tissue!] soaked in the mix and leave it overnight, and then try and repeat if required - But I repeat also if a tube/jet is dead then dead it stays

  David4637 14:53 09 Jan 2006

Will give it another go as you suggested Jack.
Thanks David

  PaulB2005 15:09 09 Jan 2006

Isopropanol from the chemists is the best thing to use. Leaves no residue and is apparently the solvent used in Printer Inks anyway. Other wise i believe a new head costs £50-60 but a new printer might be a better bet. Shame as i have a S630 and it's a cracker...

  David4637 15:15 10 Jan 2006

Thanks Paul for your reply. It still gives an excellant print, just trying to get it back to square one again. Will try Isopropanol. David

  David4637 15:17 11 Jan 2006

Managed to get to back some more of the "broken" boxes by soaking the head on a issue as recommended by Paul. Will have to try Isopropanol to see whether I can get the few remaining "broken boxes. Thanks David

  David4637 15:20 11 Jan 2006

The above should read "Managed to get back some more of the broken boxes" etc. David

  Simsy 18:09 11 Jan 2006

I had a problem a couple of years ago. Tried everything, including isopropanol. Kept getting satis results but only for a page or so.

A new head was the solution for me, but it cost about £80.

Good luck,



  David4637 16:09 12 Jan 2006

Thanks Simsy - where did you get the new printer head from - Canon?

Anyone - Are there cheaper places to buy a new Printer Head, than Canon? Thanks David

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