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  Digital X 20:25 28 Mar 2004

I wanted to know the difference between the Canon IXUS 400 and the Canon IXUS 430. Is it worth paying extra for the difference?

I also wanted to know what the best storage type is. Im asking this because i been told that SD and XD are the best and CompactFlash is one of the older types that is not as popular. Suprisingly with the IXUS range being so popular they use CompactFlash.

Thanks in advance

  steve0 21:11 28 Mar 2004

I think it has a faster processor and can print direct to printers without a computer. There is a good review of the camera here:
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  hssutton 22:22 28 Mar 2004

It's a load of nonsense what you have been told about Compactflash, They do have a slower write speed than SD, but in practice this is not a problem. All the top cameras use compactflash, the buffer size which is built into the camera is probably more important than the write speed.

  temp003 05:16 29 Mar 2004

I think there is very little difference between the 2 models.

The IXUS 400 already uses the Canon DIGIC processor (whether the 430 has an even newer DIGIC I don't know).

The 400 has direct printing support also. The 430 may have more features in terms of direct printing, like new easy access buttons, I don't know. I've never found direct printing an incentive, but even if you want it, I'm pretty sure the 400 is good enough for that.

The "photo sharing on the web" feature may be new on the 430.

The 430 may have an improved look too, but the 400 looks pretty smashing to me already.

Which one you should get depends on the price difference. The 400 has now been officially discontinued. This is usually a good time for getting bargains, when sellers need to get rid of old stock.

I entirely agree with hssutton about CF. Also, in terms of large capacity, SD is just beginning to catch up with CF. That's one of the reasons all the top cameras use CF. Because of their wide spread usage, CF cards are usually cheaper than other cards, even SD, with the same capacity.

XD is smaller in size. It was developed by Olympus and Fuji, and used mainly by their recent cameras. Because the market demand for them is smaller, XD cards are also more expensive. You won't find XD supported on Canon (or other top brands) cameras.

  dregn 06:55 29 Mar 2004

I bought a Canon IXUS 400 a couple of month's ago.
I took it to S.Africa on holiday and filled up 3x 256MB CF cards.
It is a brilliant little camera and fits into a shirt pocket.I am delighted with it and recommend it 100%.

Den Regan

  anchor 16:51 29 Mar 2004

Have a look at the Canon specification pages of these cameras. It seems that the 400 has been superseded by the 430.

click here

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As hssutton says, don`t worry about write speed; the camera has a a greater effect on this than the card type. I use compact flash in my Canon S50, and have no problems with speed. Reviews indicate that the "shot to shot" time is just under 2 seconds, and I have no reason to doubt it.

  grumpano 17:51 29 Mar 2004

My advise is get the s400.. Iv'e had one for 6 months and the quality is superb, you wont regret it at all.A 512 flash card will fit on 125 photos on the top quality setting.
Try matching it with the canon i865 photo printer

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  Digital X 00:01 30 Mar 2004

Thanks for all the comments.

Does anyone know if any of these two models can be connected to a TV?


  temp003 01:16 30 Mar 2004

I think they both can.

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