Canon Bubble Jet 30 (BJ-30) and USB

  Bob Bob™ 18:29 10 Sep 2007

I found one of these lil printers in the shed and I managed to fix a problem where it would not recognise that there was paper in it.

Anyway, another problem, my Dell 9200 doesnt have a printer plug, parallel I think its called, and I have seen USB to parallel cables and I just want to know, will it work with this cable?


  holme 19:07 10 Sep 2007

Yes, in theory you should be able to use a USB-to-parallel (Centronics) cable to connect the laptop to the printer, see click here (click on the cable for the big picture).

It's a long time since I did it but, when you set up the BJ-30 in My Printers,and the wizard says 'Use the following port', I think you have to select 'USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB)' to tell it you're using a USB socket.

(Can anyone confirm or correct that please?)

  Bob Bob™ 19:16 10 Sep 2007

That makes sense
Thanks for that

Also, what kind of print quality should I expect from the printer? I gave the print head a clean and got the gunk off it, and put a drop of water in the cartridge (it hasnt been used in YEARS)and its working. I was just expecting something a tad better.
Here is what I am getting

click here

click here


  Curio 19:58 10 Sep 2007

My first printer was a Canon BJ30 - £236 from Comet many years ago. It eventually died on me but print quality was very good - Better than your pics! Probably another clean of the print-head and a new cartridge will improve things - if they are still available. Otherwise JR Ink will have to do the job.

  Bob Bob™ 20:01 10 Sep 2007

Thanks very much. You are still able to get the BCI 10 print cartridges and BC 10 print heads. I assume it would be the print head that may need a replacing or would a new cartridge help things?


  Bob Bob™ 20:02 10 Sep 2007

lol, just realised you answered that question.

Thanks everyone

  holme 20:09 10 Sep 2007

Aha, when you said 'BJ-30', I /thought/ that was going back a few years!

Cartainly a new cartridge is required.

Don't worry about the 'runs', that's just the water you put in. However, the number of horizontal stripes (i.e. missing lines' is the greatest concern. And to be honest, that'll be a clogged head, which I seem to recall is part of the printer, not in the cartridge.

So I can only suggest you keep on running the nozzle-check and/or head-cleaning routines (if there are any), over and over, using the existing cartridge, to see if you can get any improvement over time. But if it's been in the shed for some years, I wouldn't rely on fixing it - but good luck.

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