Canon BJC-250 printer won't print

  Halmer 21:47 06 Jan 2003
  Halmer 21:47 06 Jan 2003

When I turn my printer on the green light flashes instead of remaining constant.

When I try to print I get an error message ' There was an error writing to LPT1 etc etc. Cannot access the port etc etc.'

I have Win ME.

Can anyone help please.


  howard60 21:53 06 Jan 2003

if it is a new fault try system restore to go back to when it was working ok.

  Halmer 21:57 06 Jan 2003

Isn't going back to system restore a bit drastic.

Can't I do something with the port/printer in some way?


  beeuuem 22:52 06 Jan 2003

A green flashing light usually means that the printer is in standby or printing.
In printer properties check that no print jobs are pending.
Have you tried uninstalling and re installing the printer?

  woodchip 23:03 06 Jan 2003

Remove the printer from Add/Remove Programs or delete from printer folder if its usb also remove usb printer port the reinstall printer software and driver and switch printer on

  Halmer 18:10 07 Jan 2003

Removed and reinstalled the driver but the first time it said something along the line of 'the port may be in use by another programme' or words to that effect.

It's getting on my wick now. Why are computers etc. so bloody unreliable??????????

  Elrond 18:14 07 Jan 2003

Did this just start happening? Have you installed anything new between the last time it worked and the time it didn't? If so there may be a conflict.

  Halmer 18:56 07 Jan 2003

There are no conflicts in Device manager.

I've reloaded the driver.

When I print the test page the printer rolers turn, the cartridge moves from right to left but then the printer beeps and the green light starts flashing. U've cleared anything in its memory.

It first happened when my wife printed off a letter. It printed in green, presumably because the colour cartridge has run out of one of the other colours. When she printed again, thinking that it was a one off error, it wouldn't work at all.

  Stokey 19:10 07 Jan 2003

Have you tried a new (or different) cartridge?

  Halmer 19:26 07 Jan 2003

I found an old but working cartridge and hey presto it works. Don't know why I had a problem tho'. Obviously not seated right or something.

I dug out the manual that came with the printer when I bought it (amazed that my wife had not binned it). Check 1 for a flashing power light was 'have you put the cartridge in properly?'

I'll put the old one back in later and see what happens.

Thanks everyone

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