Canon BJC 2000 Printer

  rawprawn 17:35 30 Jun 2003

I have been using this printer for about 3 years, today I tried to print a document and it printed the 2nd page first & then nothing. I have been through everything I know & can't find the problem. If I open the printer it tells me first it's printing Then print error. I can't seem to get it to do a test print. I can't uninstall because if I put the CD in It tells me that it cannot install in my system (Home XP)I know that I updated the driver so it worked and I have had no problems until now, any ideas guys.

  graham√ 18:10 30 Jun 2003

Printing the 2nd (or last) page is normal. Sounds like the printer has developed a fault, if it won't print a test page re-installing may not be the answer. If you have the manual, or help files in 'programs', see if there are any repair suggestions.

  rawprawn 18:37 30 Jun 2003

Thanks for the reply, I can't find any repair suggestions in the manual, but in the book it says if the printer wont start printing refer to the reference guide in the set up software, which I cannot do because if I load the CD I get the message " cannot run installer under current operating system"

  graham√ 20:08 30 Jun 2003

Are there lights on the printer for Power and Error, and are they on?

  rawprawn 08:37 01 Jul 2003

Sorry to be so long coming back but I am out a lot this week & I'm having to do this when possible.There are no lights but the printer definitely has power, if I pull the plug for ten seconds & replace it you can hear the print head moving taking up position as though it is going to print. A strange thing I can't find it listed in the device manager, but if I unplug it then reboot then plug it back in the computer finds it.The griff, I can't find anything on the driver, but I have all my drivers backed up and I have tried to reinstall from there but nothing seems to happen. Thanks anyway.

  rawprawn 08:58 01 Jul 2003

I have found it in the device manager under ports LPT1, & it says it's working properly, I tried to update the driver from there & it tells me that the one it is using is the best available so I think it must be woking OK. I am beginning to suspect that my printer itself is at fault but I have only had it about 3 years & I don't use it very often. Do they fail so quickly ?

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