Canon A540 Camera Connection Problem

  Simsy 12:30 10 Dec 2006


I've just been given a new Canon Powershot A540 for my birthday. The Camera itself appears to function perfectly well, (though I haven't got used to all the features yet)...

The problem is that I'm having difficulty making the PC "see" it...

I read all the instructions first. In common with many USB devices I'm told to install the software before connecting the device, so I do that. Then I connect the cammera and the Found New Hardware balloon appears, "Canon Digital Camera". Then after a few seconds a dialogue appears asking how I want to connect... I choose "Canon CameraWindow", (as per instructions), and am then met by an error message "Cannot Detect Camera. Check connection to Camera then Retry"

I have tried everything to no avail!

As part of the included documentation there is a leaflet that indicates that the sotware doesn't actually need to be installed because the camera has the PTP standard, but indicates there may be limitations if this method is used...

So I do a system restore and back to square one... this time just connecting the camera. No sucess.

I reinstall the software, No joy. I use the driver update wizard, which finds and installs a new driver... but still I get the "Cannot Detect Camera. Check connection to Camera then Retry" error.

System restore again, right back to square one again. I go through everything again, very carefully... still no joy.

I CAN get the images via the "Scanner and Camera Connection Wizard", so the computer IS seeing the camera, but I find this a faffy, long winded, way. I would rather use the supplied software, or (as I've done with previous digital cameras), treat the camera as a "drive", and just use Windows Explorer, but at no time have I been able to make the camera visible in Windows Explorer!

I'm assuming this is a software/PC issue, rather than a fault with the camera. I'd welcome any advice or pointers. (I am working on a webpage showing the steps/dialogues I got in the process.. but this may take a while!)

My system is a 1.3Gig athlon with WinXPhome SP2. All up to date and running, (apart from this), really well. Nothing connected to any other USB port, and it's onboard USB port. Port works well with other stuff.

I'd welcome any observations or suggestions as to how I can get this to work properly. My initial search on the internet has proved fruitless.

Thanks in anticipation,



(ps Apologies if I don't get straight back... I've just been called to get lunch ready!!)

  anskyber 12:42 10 Dec 2006

Happy Birthday!

Sorry this is not answering your question but I gave up connecting the camera direct because it uses the camera battery for picture transfer. I use a card reader which then uses the USB power.

  Simsy 16:09 10 Dec 2006

Do you have this camera? If so, did you get it working OK before you stopped using it for the reasons given?

Do I have to do anything on the camera, (other than setting it to "View" rather than "Record" and turning it on)?




  Technotiger 16:36 10 Dec 2006

Hi, I don't have the same cam as you, but I do have a digital cam. Unless you want to use the digital cam as a webcam, why not just use a card-reader attached to pc - very much easier and quicker.


  anskyber 16:38 10 Dec 2006

No I have the Canon G6. The only thing I recall is that once conected to the PC it is necessary to set the camera to "playback" and turn the camera on in the usual way, if that helps. The camera window then found the camera.

  Technotiger 16:43 10 Dec 2006

PS ... Happy Birthday, even if it is belated :-)

  Simsy 16:45 10 Dec 2006

If I have to go the route of a card reader I will... but I really want to get it working the way it should.

For several reasons really;

I don't want the expense of a card reader, even if they are cheap!...

I'm not keen on the multiple handling of memory card that is needed when using a reader is the solution...

I want to find out what's going on in case it's a sign of something else awry.

Thanks for the input though.



  Simsy 16:46 10 Dec 2006

it was on the 7th!



  Technotiger 16:50 10 Dec 2006

Hmmm, the only other thing I can think of off-hand, is a possible dodgy usb cable - even though the pc does appear to 'see' the cam, sometimes!

  Simsy 17:17 10 Dec 2006

it's a cable problem, because If I go the longwinded wizard route it always finds the pics... very quickly. However, if I can find someone with a similar cable I'm going to try changing it!

I've got a request in to the tech help at Canon so we'll see what happens.

Other input welcome as Canon suggest 2-3 days for a response!




  chocolate cake 17:28 10 Dec 2006

hi Simsy, I don't have the same compact, mine's the A95.

If the system is anything like mine there is a slide somewhere on the camera. One setting is to take pictures (red camera symbol), and the other is to review the pictures you have already taken and delete the ones you don't like. The camera must be set to the latter setting(green, rightward facing arrow) before connecting the camera.

Apologies if you have already tried this.

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