canon 9000 pro stopped half way

  second best 14:55 25 Jul 2008

Hi, i have just bought the above printer. i've printed 3 A3 pictures, but during the 3rd, it stopped, with a message saying the front tray had been closed, and printing has stopped. pressed resume and it spat it out.

I was no where near the fron tray. I'm hoping it's a one off, coz it'l be a costly excersise if it happens alot. waste of ink and paper already.

Any ideas, or similar problems ?


  GaT7 16:05 25 Jul 2008

Could be a faulty printer. I'd return it for an exchange/refund if possible. If not, contact Canon support click here &/or click here. All the best with it, G

  second best 16:54 25 Jul 2008

thanks crossbow, but it doesn't work at all now, well, i mean the lights are on, but no-one's answering the door. ten ornage flashes, or 3 orange, depending on what mood it's in. contacted customer support, canon, they say they have no record of 10 orange flashes, even though it's plainly there to see in the online manual. contact within 3 days.

I suppose i'll just wait and see. last resort is to turn it off for a while and try again. good luck me eh?!


  second best 16:56 25 Jul 2008

sorry FYI orange flashes pertain to a closed front tray, but it's obviously open. one good A3 test to start, and it is awsome i must say. then nothing new, just stopped half way. bummer.

  second best 12:28 26 Jul 2008

Actually, the flashing orange is secondary, i suppose. The main problem seems to be the front tray Light is always on. if i press it to turn it off, this is when i get the three orange flashes.

Any canon Technicians out there?

  GaT7 18:18 27 Jul 2008

second best, anything gotten better since? If not, I'd strongly recommend contacting the retailer & Canon again first thing tomorrow morning. If they can't solve it in the next few days, return it for an exchange/refund. G

  second best 18:26 27 Jul 2008

Hi, Crossbow. There's no problem with the seller. He has agreed for me to send it back. Turns out it is a refurb product from Canon uk. I've bought off there myself. Last week infact; got my new 40D.

I was actually watching an auction for a por9000, but just missed it, for £250. So you can imagine, i was a little annoyed at paying £320 for a refurb, thinking it was brand new. I know they have full warranty, but still, if i'd known, i would have just entred another auction on Canon uk.

Anyway, i have decided to see what the technician comes back with. However, the more i sit here and think about it, i've paid £20 for a printer that i maybe could have bought for £250, and it doesn't work.

I was thinking, that if the tech guy can sort it, then fair enough, but i've still had the haslte. so maybe i'll just send it back, get a full refund, and start again.

The prints are stunning though.

The cheapest i've seen these on the web for is around £380, so saved a little. Canon said i needed to speak to a level 2 tech. They will contact me within 3 days apparently. I called on Friday. I'm hoping it's not 3 business days.

  second best 15:51 01 Aug 2008

Ok, so i sent the printer back and bought another from the Canon UK ebay site. Won it in an auction, and only paid £275, so i saved a few quid again.

Guess what?

It didn't work

Called and demanded a technician and he arrived the following day. It was the Purge unit. He replaced it with minimal fuss and it's printing perfectly, for now.

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