Canon 5250 Printer not printing whilst still using paper

  griffon56 14:04 23 Mar 2015

A Canon 5250 printer reports that it is printing from PC and passes paper from either the cassette or the back feed, but there are no words on the page. The last time it was used it was OK.

It has been switched off and on again, the document has been closed and opened again and all the inks are OK as reported by inspection of the print carriage, however, there is no characteristic sound of the print head carriage traversing the page and thus no print. All defaults have been checked and are set but nothing prints. What is likely to be wrong, please? Is there some setting which is wrong?

  northumbria61 15:11 23 Mar 2015

Have you checked to see that no paper is jammed as the tiniest piece could cause this? It is possible that the Gear Mechanism is jammed or worse it could be damaged.

  griffon56 09:50 24 Mar 2015

Good idea northumbria61, but the carriage moves out into the change cartridge position OK and I would have thought that wouldn't happen if there was a jam sufficient to stop the carriage moving while printing. However, the carriage certainly does not move when supposedly printing, so it will be checked. Thanks.

  griffon56 21:37 25 Mar 2015

It's beginning to look like a computer thing because the printer prints fine when copying anything but not when asked to print a document displayed on the screen. The 2008 Dell Inspiron running Vista uses MS Works and generates docs in the 'wps' format, which prints OK on another machine, so it must be a software problem on the user's machine.

  griffon56 13:20 05 Apr 2015

Firstly, I apologise for quoting the wrong model number for the printer, it was a Canon MP620 not a 5250, but that was not really relevant. The fault turned out to be simple. It was that the large black ink tank outlet had dried up, tho' there was plenty of ink in the tank. When the machine was copying it was using the small black ink tank, the default assumption being that it was a photo or image, and therefore printing OK, but when it was being asked only to print a document it was assuming that the doc was grey scale monochrome and therefore trying only to use the large tank. When the tank and the print head was cleaned up the printer worked OK again. Thought you might like to know that. Occam's Razor, eh?!

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