Cannot write to CD, CD drive busy

  The Bard 12:37 09 Apr 2017

When I click on File Explorer in Windows 10 it shows a CD present in the CD drive, even though it is empty.When I try to write to a CD I get the message "The device is busy 0x40010"

  The Bard 16:05 09 Apr 2017


  MJS WARLORD 18:08 09 Apr 2017

go to device manager and right click on cd drive and do uninstall , the drive will reload on restart

  The Bard 14:34 10 Apr 2017

Thanks, have done that and re-formatted the disc. However, still get same error message when I try to write to it.

  MJS WARLORD 21:24 10 Apr 2017

hi I found this on a site that might help you.......Do you have CD burning software installed such as Nero etc? If so, check that InCD and equivalents are not running - they may have priority access to the burner preventing TI from burning.

  The Bard 09:06 11 Apr 2017

Hello, only had Burn Toolkit installed, which I have removed, re-booted, but still get the same. Interestingly, if I tried to burn without a CD installed it started happily enough before flagging an error.

  [DELETED] 09:42 11 Apr 2017

Might be worth using a CD cleaning disc on it. Might be simply a speck of dust on the lens.

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