Cannot watch DVDR's in DVDRW

  Cost1 00:36 03 Jan 2006

I have burnt some video to DVD but when I go to watch them now in my DVDRW on my laptop all I get is that there I a CD inserted wth a certain amount of space used but I cannot view what is on there. However when I put the DVD into my normal DVD Drive on my PC I can then view. Why can I not view on my laptop which is much newer and better than my PC?

Can anybody help?

  Totally-braindead 00:38 03 Jan 2006

Do you have DVD software on your laptop for playing DVDs? I mean a program like WinDVD or PowerDVD.

  Brezza 00:41 03 Jan 2006

I Had the same problem a while back with my PC and my laptop.

the ones the PC could read my laptop couldnt and the ones my lapop could my pc couldnt...

Being the ditz i am i didnt think, it was the fomatt of the disc, My laptop was DVD+R and my PC was betmax and VHS.

In the end i got a multiformat drive and everything i burned on that seemed to be fine.

The only thing i could suggest would be to ensure your are "Closing the session" on your DVD when your buring it to ensure compatibility with other drives.

untill i had the same issue i always assumed that DVDs were all one formatt once they have been burned...guess not :(

  Cost1 00:46 03 Jan 2006

I have WinDVD.

  Cost1 00:50 03 Jan 2006

how do i find out exactly if I have + or -?

  Totally-braindead 00:50 03 Jan 2006

Try starting WinDVD on your laptop and try to play the disk. If it doesn't work, says something about not being able to read the disk or whatever then Brezza may have it. Check what type of DVD it is + or - and check to see that the dvdwriter on your laptop is multiformat.

  Totally-braindead 00:51 03 Jan 2006

It tells you on the disk. The ones I have in my hand say on the right hand side 4.7gb general purpose 16x dvd-r. So these disks are minus - ones

  Brezza 00:53 03 Jan 2006

on the "Face" of the drive bay it should say either DVD-RW or DVD+RW....

also check on the disc itself if it says + or -

The drive i had didnt say on the front at all what it was, i ended up going to to my local PC shop and buying 1 +r and 1 1r to see which one worked....

mightbe worth checking the harware manual as well

  Brezza 01:00 03 Jan 2006

If your still having trouble with it, Try burning a DVD on both machines...

in all honesty if its an imcompantible format it wont even read it as having a disc in the drive..

  Cost1 01:01 03 Jan 2006

the disc is + and so is the drive and I have WinDVD. any more ideas guys, much appreciated.

  Brezza 01:02 03 Jan 2006

As before did you ensure the session was closed when burning? it helps keep the disc compatible with other drives.

When burning with nero ensure no multisesion is selected..

may help...

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