Cannot view YouTube vids on Chrome browser...

  aviation1972 06:05 14 Jun 2018

Running Win 10 with Chrome browser Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit). Cannot view You Tube videos due to their Flash Content. Every tutorial I've watched, ( or read ), is over-simplified, and does not work! I have gone into Chrome's advanced settings, added click here to the allow flash content area. I've even disabled my hardware acceleration. Everything I've been told, or read about. Nothing works. So, I no longer have Chrome designated as my default browser, because I cannot watch You Tube videos. In an earlier version of Chrome, I learned what the "fix" for this predicament was, and I successfully implemented it, ( but that was 2 years ago ). I should have made note. Today, I cannot remember what I did, and therefore, I cannot duplicate that "fix" today, in hopes that it might work, and be effective with this newer version of Chrome. So, I need help. Please help me solve this? Please? It's not an ad blocker. I uninstalled it. It's not my anti-virus software either. There's some little, quirky trick to this, ( and I used to know what it is ), but I cannot remember now. So, please help me? Thanks so much....

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