cannot view web pages

  birnie 21:16 06 Nov 2004

Swapped my pc & bb conection, all went well until I tried to go online, loged on, but could not find any pages.Pc is 800 cel 128 meg ram win 98 se, bb is wanado 2 gig usb modem. I ran DR speedtouch and it said connecting server failed. Phoned help line, could not find the problem. The bb works fine when used on another PC. Any ideas?

  ICF 08:20 07 Nov 2004

Did you install the speedtouch modem on the new pc?

  birnie 20:45 07 Nov 2004

Yes all software installed as per instructions in handbook.

  keith-236785 21:21 07 Nov 2004

is modem connection through USB, LAN card or old type phone connection?

  birnie 00:17 08 Nov 2004

connected through USB

  kev.Ifty 00:38 08 Nov 2004

Sorry if this is a bit vague, but i seem to recall Wanadoo's INTERNET connection will only work on a specific PC. What i mean is that it will only work on the first PC that you register with. If you change PC's i think you have to "RETRIEVE" your account and configure the new PC for the Wanadoo connection.

Sorry if i'm barking up the wrong tree :-)


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