Cannot view jpeg images

  Logov 00:45 29 May 2005

I have a folder containing about 60 photos all of which are less than 100kb in size. About half were copied and pasted to the folder from another hard drive. When I double click on the folder it opens and displays all the photos as thumbnails on the bottom. However, double clicking on some individual photos to view as larger image only displays the message "No Preview Available" whilst others openin this way all the time. I've also tried viewing as a slideshow. Again, some are viewable whilst others are simply blank screens.

Is the problem due to transferring the JPEG Photo images from one hard drive to another? If so how can this be corrected?

Using Windows XP Pro


  rdave13 00:58 29 May 2005

Have you updated from windows?

  rdave13 01:01 29 May 2005

Have you tried the above?

  Logov 01:16 29 May 2005

Both Hard drives using XP Pro and were both clean installs

  Border Collie 01:22 29 May 2005

Right click on one which you can't view - Open with - Other Programs. Choose your program and select Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.

  Logov 01:53 29 May 2005

Have tried that via Paint, Paintshop Pro and the default Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. The former displays the message "Unable to open file".

Have looked at the properties of both viewable and non viewable images in the hope this may throw some light and they appear, at least to me anyway, identical.

  Logov 22:03 31 May 2005

Sorry about the delay in replying have been away for a few days.

Have tried as you suggested but still no joy.

  woodchip 22:07 31 May 2005

was this from a win98 or winme computer if so say no more

  wee eddie 22:59 31 May 2005

No previews available on these file types, .bmp .rm .avi .wvm

Basically previews are only available on .jpg and .gif

Right click on a thumbnail and select "Open With" Select the program you wish to display the file from the list displayed.

  wee eddie 23:08 31 May 2005

It is just possible that they are not all .jpg's

So as a first action. Try this.

Tools > Folder Options > View > Show File Extensions.

  Technotiger 23:14 31 May 2005

Hi, it is possible that some jpeg's may have got corrupted during the copy from one drive to the other. It is also possible that some may have at some time been deleted, even though thumbnails still appear for the deleted ones.

I would try to again copy one of the jpeg's that is not working, onto a floppy drive or usb portable media - and then see if it can be opened.
If not, then I would think that they have gone to that great jpeg black hole in the sky, never to be seen again.

Good luck.

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