cannot use cd-r90 on my cd/rw

  [DELETED] 20:11 30 Nov 2003

they will only take 74 mins still can anyone help me i am new to pcs

  [DELETED] 20:19 30 Nov 2003

What happens when you try to use a cd-r90?

  [DELETED] 20:33 30 Nov 2003

Not all cdrw's support overburning to 90mins. Check the manufacturers website for information on your cdrw.

You can damage your cdrw if it will not support this and you try and force it to overburn.

  [DELETED] 20:36 30 Nov 2003

it just thinks its a 700mb cd and not a cd-r90

  [DELETED] 20:42 30 Nov 2003

its a samsung cdrw/dvd sm-3488 if that helps anyone many thanks

  [DELETED] 20:54 30 Nov 2003

Recording Capacity CD-RW Disc: 700/650MB (Type 80/74)
Recording Capacity CD-R Disc: 800/700/650/550MB (Type 90/80/74/63)

According to the samsung site click here

you can burn 90min cdr's, what software are you using, if it is nero, have you set the overburn option.

  [DELETED] 21:07 30 Nov 2003

i am using nti cd maker 6 platinum and also sonic showbiz a friend gave me these

  [DELETED] 21:15 30 Nov 2003

Download a free demo of nero from click here remember to uninstall your other cd writing software before installing nero.

  [DELETED] 21:17 30 Nov 2003

it says that one is a sm-348 i have i sm-3488 is it the same i do not no i am new to this i have a emachine help please

  [DELETED] 20:05 03 Dec 2003

thanks to all who helped

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